A Brief Guide To Residence Permits In Greece

When it comes to immigration and seeking a new life in a different country for yourself and your family, naturally there are several factors you look at. You want to be sure that everything you expect for yourselves in terms of a better life be it through better job opportunities, enhanced education or stronger security will be achieved. On that note, it helps to consult immigration professionals like ours at Bayat Group. Given the extensive experience they possess between themselves and their relentless drive to succeed, we’re confident that we can continue to guide you down the right path as we’ve done all this time, be it for citizenship by investment or any other form of residency.

Bayat Group has on offer several different programs with many countries across the globe. Of course which of these you want to apply for is entirely up to you and a subjective decision. However, we’re going to be singling out one of these in particular; Greece. Here’s a brief overview of their resident permit and what it means for you.

  • Resident permits are granted for foreigners and their families who decide to proceed with the purchase of real estate property within the country at a value of 250,000 Euros or more. This is a very straightforward option when it comes to securing citizenship/ residency in Greece.
  • Residency permits in Greece are also known as Golden Visas. In fact, any European residency visa is referred to as this. According to recent statistics, the most number of applicants for golden visas in Greece are from China, Russia and Turkey.
  • As recently as 2017, around 2300 golden visas were granted to applicants. When taking the total number of golden visas issued, yet again China, Russia and Turkey take the top spots for most number of grants.
  • For more information on any of our immigration program, speak to our immigration lawyers in Dubai for a personalized analysis.