Become A Global Citizen And Travel To More Than 120 Countries Visa Free!

Second citizenship
allows you to literally discover the world. For instance, a passport issued in Malta or Cyprus makes it possible for you to visit all the EU countries freely and live there. If you are a citizen of one of the Caribbean countries, you can also visit the EU countries, Singapore, Hong Kong without a visa and you have a simplified procedure for obtaining a visa to the USA.

Becoming a global citizen not only expands your horizons in terms of investment opportunities, healthcare and education but also helps improve the quality of life in general. So you and your family have a secured future.

Bayat Group offers you multiple country programmes to choose from and walks you through the whole process of obtaining your second citizenship. So plan your future today! Become a Global Citizen with Bayat Legal Services.

The idea with a second passport is that no government should have the sole power over your life or your assets. Which is usually what happens to people with just one citizenship. Incase of economic instability or turmoil, people are usually left to the mercy of the government with nowhere else to turn to. With a second citizenship through investment you can not only secure your assets but provide a safety net for your loved ones.

There are numerous advantages connected with taxation systems as well and risks could be mitigated with a second citizenship. You may well consider obtaining a second citizenship and passport in case you experiencing challenges such as high groundless taxes imposed by your country or tight currency codes, restriction on work or investment.

A second citizenship will not only relieve you of these problems but will do so without informing your native country about the second citizenship and in this modern world of instability and unrest, it is essential to take safety measures for you and your family and our citizenship by investment programmes will help you do just that.