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Citizenship by investment program, News

In recent years, an increasing number of people over the world have been applying for a second citizenship. Why is it exactly becoming widespread across the globe? Well, as a citizenship in a certain country offers a strong national identity based on birth, ethnicity, history, culture, and childhood, the possibility of obtaining another one just by meeting the criteria set by another country’s government surely sounds an easy way to enjoy more opportunities and benefits.

Because of this, the world is now seeing an immense interest in second citizenship. For example, the primary half of 2018 saw an astounding year-on-year surge of South Africans applying for second citizenship, while the number of Brits becoming citizens of another EU country has doubled in 2016. Also, just about 1 of every 5 Swiss inhabitants currently has a double nationality.

These are only a few instances to show that the second citizenship is certainly becoming more popular. With more nations such as the Netherlands, Norway and the Solomon Islands intending to loosen up their double citizenship laws, it’s sure that there’ll be more individuals over the world to apply for a second passport.

Be that as it may, it isn’t the capacity to get a second citizenship alone that has caused this, so read through this blog as we’ll dive into more reasons why more people are joining in the trend.

  1. It allows visa-free travel!

This is before having to find a visa centre or embassy to submit fingerprints and a facial image when sending it off, as well as the masses of paperwork in between. Gaining a visa to visit the United Kingdom is even more complex, with further requirements to demonstrate significant financial means, pre-planned travel arrangements, and other exasperating paperwork. However, even if a traveller is going somewhere where it isn’t quite as difficult to get a visa, the process can still be tricky.

If you constantly travel, especially when it comes to business purposes, you’ll know how relentless an errand it is to apply for a visa. Some countries require grave visa application forms. For instance, to visit Russia, you need to secure a Letter of Invitation just so you can begin with the application. This is before finding a visa centre or government office to submit fingerprints and a picture when sending it off, and not to mention the numerous papers to work on.

Obtaining a visa to visit the United Kingdom is considerably even more difficult with further necessities to exhibit critical money related means – pre-arranged travel plans and other paper works. Regardless of whether you are going someplace where it isn’t exactly as hard to process a visa, the procedure can still be dubious.

All passports give everybody a visa-free travel to diverse nations as of now enabling holders to dodge these procedures altogether. A second passport, however, can give people visa-free travel to significantly more nations over this. This is going to open more opportunities and one of the real reasons why many individuals are choosing to obtain a second citizenship.

  1. To avoid your country of origin’s troublesome political conditions.

Another motivation behind why individuals apply for second citizenship is the security it can give against political oppression. Regardless of how awful a nation’s political or financial circumstance is, a second passport gives people the privilege to live and work somewhere else, giving travel protection to them and their families. This, as well as the capacity to pass these advantages to their children, is what makes it a good reason to apply for second citizenship.

Additionally, for those living in war-torn nations, a second citizenship is a ticket to escape to security if things get excessively unsafe. This also quickens the resettlement process when they do choose to grab the ideal opportunity for their family to move to a more secure nation.

  1. To make a long-term retirement plan.

If you long for a hassle-free retirement while living out your days on sandy white beaches, then this dream can particularly turn into a reality if you get a second citizenship, and it is possible to get one regardless of your ancestry. You can live in a Caribbean state as a citizen by signing up for a Citizenship by Investment (CBI) program, which empowers people to obtain a second citizenship.

These people should commonly put resources into the nation or add to its economy with the end goal to get citizenship there if they pass all security checks impeccably. Probably the most very much associated nations as far as visa-free travels are St. Kitts and Nevis – whose charges begin at US$150,000 – and the Commonwealth of Dominica, with least ventures of US$100,000. If your second citizenship is granted, then you would be able to begin making retirement plans decisively.  

With advantages like visa-free travel, getting away from negative political conditions, and making a long-haul retirement plan, it is nothing unexpected that more people are applying for a second citizenship. So, what are you having doubts for?


Citizenship by investment program, News

More administrations from different countries over the globe are embracing the Citizenship by Investment (CBI) program as a way towards economic development and growth. More affluent entrepreneurs and skilled individuals are looking for greater international opportunities that would provide security, stability, and travel freedom.

According to the Henley Passport Index, visa-free access continues to be maintained or increased across the globe. Japan’s citizens enjoy visa-free travel to 190 countries, making it the top country with the greatest number of visa-free access benefits.

Ranking as a close second in the 2018 index is Singapore with its provision to travel without a visa to 189 countries.

Germany, France, and South Korea all share the third rank with its visa-free access to 188 countries. Five countries including Denmark, Finland, Italy, Spain, and Sweden are on the fourth spot as these nations offer their citizens visa-free access to 187 countries.

By providing visa-free travel to 186 countries, ranking fifth on the index are Austria, Luxembourg, Norway, the Netherlands, Portugal, the United Kingdom, and the United States of America.

Only a few countries had lost visa-free access this year. The rising movement towards increased visa-free access reveals a global desire to improve global mobility. While certain nations are narrowing their borders, most are becoming more open. More countries see the value of the CBI program as they see the immense economic value it can bring.

More individuals venture into international access to business, financial, career, and lifestyle opportunities as their country of origin couldn’t provide the same great prospects.

The Citizenship by Investment program signifies the most direct path to global mobility and connectedness. By obtaining a citizenship by investment, the investor and their families will be provided access to benefits such as health care, education, security, and transport.

There are more to explore with the citizenship by investment (CBI) program as the possibilities are endless. We at Bayat Group specialize in business immigration, economic citizenship, and corporate immigration to bring your global visions to life.

If you are planning to sign up for the CBI program, it’s best to seek professional help from business and immigration lawyers with practical experience and knowledge. They offer meaningful advice and benefits to businesspersons far beyond those available from traditional sources of immigration and visa service providers.

By availing legal services, you ensure the achievement of your goal and successfully establish yourself or your business in a new country. Aside from managing your application, legal services also offer professional business, tax, and immigration services in the following specialty areas:

  •         Business immigration
  •         Economic citizenship
  •         Residency by investment
  •         Corporate immigration

In addition to expertise in immigration and citizenship laws, they can also provide professional advice on:

  •         Business analysis and investment;
  •         Offshore trusts;
  •         Tax planning; and
  •         Facilitate your relocation to a new country.

By drawing upon their extensive network of investment bankers, accountants, international business consultants and lawyers they provide each of their clients with timely, professional, and expert advice.

Additionally, the extensive knowledge of Business Immigration Programs will enable both you and a legal service to better understand the challenges, so that you can get practical and effective legal solutions.

What are you waiting for? The opportunities are there to enjoy, not to let it pass!


Citizenship by investment program, News

Buying and owning a second passport provides many lifelong benefits to you and your future generations. The benefits could be handed on to your children, or even for your grandchildren which in turn offers them the power to stay globally mobile. When your country of origin hits an uproar or faces an economic downfall, moving out to a safe place would be a concern for individuals with high assets particularly those who have global organisations.

Here are some of the amazing benefits that come along upon having the same rights in a country as a citizen.

  1. You get travel protection from government control.

If you have only one passport, then a single government also holds total control over your right to travel, and your place of residency. Having a second passport can give you protection from entire government control and it won’t be as easy for them to take your passport from you.

  1. Have a secured place even under unexpected circumstances.

When your country of origin faces a serious problem, getting out can become difficult. If you have a second passport, moving out can be an easier process. This will also be highly beneficial especially for entrepreneurs who are concerned about their businesses. Having a backup option is always a good contingency plan as you’ll never know what’ll happen next.

  1. Prevent serious consequences from foreign policies.

Certain nations have adversaries that could put them in serious conflicts with other countries, and therefore could also impact the economy. Securing a second passport can help you prevent and distance yourself from the foreign policy results that could also affect your business.

  1. More tax benefits.

There are countries that allow more tax benefits than others. Take advantage of your second passport by moving into other countries that can reduce a significant amount of money paid in taxes.

  1. Enjoy visa-free access travel.

Certain nationalities need to apply for visas to be able to travel, which can be rather costly and time-consuming. Depending on the passport or citizenship you get, you can visit countries without a visa.

  1. Get more internationalisation options.

Getting a second passport will be helpful especially if your current citizenship has many business restrictions and limitations. For instance, your current citizenship may not be allowed to do businesses with certain nationalities. Obtaining a second citizenship means expanding the available options for your business.

  1. Legal residency rights.

Depending on the country of your new citizenship, you may enjoy other benefits such as you can avoid deportation from that country.

  1. Your future children can automatically become citizens.

This is one of the biggest advantages that you can enjoy. Your future children may receive your second citizenship, which is not only beneficial to them but for you as well. This means that you’re investing in your family’s future by securing them the benefits they can enjoy from a certain citizenship.

Invest in a second passport now to enjoy these benefits. Don’t forget to seek professional legal services first, so that you can be guided accordingly. Expand your business and allow yourself more options for your future and your family’s.


Citizenship by investment program, News

Obtaining a citizenship by investment (CBI) program offers you limitless global opportunities. If you wish to begin your quest on expanding your business globally, then you must consider St. Lucia as your first stop.

Nestor Alfred, the Chief Executive Officer of the St. Lucia Citizenship by Investment Unit, states that “St. Lucia is one of the most promising destinations for people who want to identify themselves with a second home”. He also mentioned that the main objective of St. Lucia’s CIB program is to attract “reputable” clientele across the globe and to further develop the Caribbean island on modern lines.

As of writing, St. Lucia has a visa-free entry protocol with around 146 countries. This is just one of the benefits that await you when you become a citizen.

Furthermore, the government is looking for more options to diversify the citizenship portfolio. One of the goals of the St. Lucia’s CIB program is to attract foreign direct investments (FDI), and therefore targets the tourism industry which is its biggest revenue source.

One of the main reasons why entrepreneurs obtain a second citizenship is to exercise freedom of mobility, which will do good for their business as well.

Issuance of citizenship lies with the CIP Board of Directors to ensure that there are no favours given, as all the applicants must undergo a strict evaluation process.

Especially for those who work in the UAE, business owners should view the second citizenship as an expansion tool. According to Alfred, many of the applicants are from the UAE, the MENA region, and China.

Outlining the indispensability of St. Lucia, Alfred said it has a stable government and has been free from the uprising and other fissures. The crime rate is the lowest in the region, and it has a vibrant services sector. Its domestic financial sector is quite dynamic and consists of international banks, offshore financial companies and provides a perfect environment for optimisation.

St. Lucia has a steady government and has been free from violent uproars. Additionally, it boasts the lowest crime rate in the area. Its domestic financial sector consists of international banks which offshore companies may enjoy an economic boost.

St. Lucia’s CIB program focuses on generating investment by promoting economic development and encouraging people to make St. Lucia their second home. The CIB’s CEO guarantee that the program does not discriminate by nationality and region and would more than be willing in accommodating applicants from any part of the world.

The Citizenship by investment offered by St. Lucia aims to collaborate with different countries around the world and build it as a haven for international investments. As claimed by Alfred, “Our investment programme is credible, enjoys the highest integrity and is secure enough.”

With so many benefits to enjoy from and the freedom of mobility that await you from obtaining their CIB program, St. Lucia surely deserves to be one of your top choices for a second citizenship.


Citizenship by investment program, News

Because of the low charges, positive conditions for universal consumers, and a prospering betting division, this part of the island state on the Mediterranean Sea is seeing a solid market.

For years, the island state of Malta within the Mediterranean Sea has been a desirable destination among European retirees thanks to its heat, sunny weather, low tax regime and therefore the undeniable fact that English is its joint official language alongside Maltese.

Now it’s seeing a brand-new wave of residents who are serving to form its property market.

The island state has seen a populace spike since setting up itself as a centre for the web-based gambling sector. Around 29% of the homes in the rental division are currently leased to representatives and organizations inside this industry, as per Maxine Fraivillig of Sotheby’s International Realty in Malta.

Independently, the quantity of global consumers has expanded because of Malta’s Citizenship by Investment program which requires at least €350,000 (US$405,186) property venture. Furthermore, if the nation’s thriving blockchain innovation and digital currency industry prosper, the interest for rental and available to be purchased homes are set to grow as well, as indicated by realty specialists.

According to the latest Global House Price report, the rising levels of interest in property joined with its solid value development found that costs for homes over the island rose 13.6% from the main quarter of 2017 to a similar period in 2018. The rate of value rises is the second most noteworthy on the planet, behind Hong Kong.

Malta’s growing popularity promotes further advancement, which is mostly because of the island’s upper east drift, where the internet gaming industry is based.

Sliema, located in the North of Valletta and Malta’s small capital city is a shoreline town that is home to Tigne Point, an extravagant land that has Malta’s most astounding homes. Set on a rocky peninsula, with views of Manoel Island and Valletta’s notable 16th-century horizon toward the South and the untamed ocean toward the East and North, Sliema is an upscale, social centre point known for its shoreline, bar, and eatery scene.

Sliema is also known for its top of the line seafront lofts and improvements.  Known for its seafront boulevard, it is the place where locals and guests go to eat, mingle and unwind which allows big opportunities for interested entrepreneurs.  

Its alluring tree-lined path is ideal for walking, unwinding, and sunbathing. It also has arranged greenhouses, play areas, lavish shoreline clubs, seawater pools, high-level rocks, and of course the view of the Mediterranean Sea.

Regardless of the ongoing value rises, Malta remains a reasonable place to purchase property compares to different places in the European Union, and it offers a peaceful way of life. Sliema has a safe environment and new improvement ventures are reflected in its present-day homes.

Given all these, there’s certainly been a growing interest for land administrations stay among expats who want to move to the island. If you are looking into a new business venture, make sure to check out the rising city Sliema and invest in Malta’s Citizenship by Investment program.


Citizenship by investment program, News

Currently, three countries under the Citizenship by Investment (CBI) program namely Saint Kitts & Nevis, Vanuatu, and Grenada are visa-free to travel to Russia. Adding to the roster of these countries with exclusive benefits, Dominica’s CBI program is set to gain a visa-free travel access to Russia, making it 4th under the program.

As reported by TASS, the Commonwealth of Dominica has been endorsed to a visa-free access by the Russian government. The agreement allows citizens of Russia and Dominica to travel to the respective locations within a three-month period at a time.

As stated from Russian cabinet’s official website: “The draft agreement waives visas for holders of Russian passports valid abroad, including diplomatic and service passports, and citizens of the Commonwealth of Dominica who hold diplomatic, service and regular passports, provided their stay does not exceed 90 days in any 180-day period.”

It’s been more than three months since Dominican Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit announced that his administration was in the final stages of negotiating visa-waiver agreements with both Russia and the UAE and that they were actively pursuing a similar agreement with China.

After more than three months of wait, the Russian visa-waiver agreement appears to be settled. More details shall be awaited when the agreement gets officially signed.

This week, Dominica has also announced to open an embassy and a consulate in the UAE, indicating a positive sign regarding the matter.





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