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Many successful businessmen operate highly reputed and profitable companies, however, they are unable to expand beyond their own country simple because their passport is not accepted, or else, there are numerous travel restrictions including lengthy visa applications and time consuming interviews. If you are in a similar situation it is likely that you feel boxed in. You have so many things to consider when running a business like the economic changes and political unrest that the last thing you need is another hurdle in the way of conducting your business.

Citizenship by investment not only gives you freedom of movement being a European citizen but also makes laws and restrictions much more easier for your business. Tax benefits, ease of travel and a wider market will not just make your business expand but flourish.

You have to contend with the fact that the passport you possess unfortunately has a bearing on where you can travel in the world. This limits opportunities of making deals, investments and receiving tax breaks. But, let’s get to the good bit. Businessmen can obtain a citizenship by investment in return for investing on government bonds. It means that you can get a second citizenship which opens up the doors of possibility like never before.

First things first, you get visa-free travel or visa on arrival to key destinations. It is the primary reason for wealthy businessmen who want to travel internationally and are afforded the same freedom as a citizen holding the same passport. For example, if you have a second citizenship in Portugal you can travel to 172 countries visa-free or get visa on arrival.

Let’s talk about tax breaks as this is another significant benefit of holding a second passport. For businessmen, in particular, you will be offered lower taxes particularly in the Caribbean. Having a second citizenship will give you an opportunity to enjoy greater tax benefits. 

Another key advantage is the business and investment opportunities that can open up. Most countries do not allow foreign investments from other nations. This leads to foreign nationals not being able to benefit from generous interest rates. A second citizenship will give businessmen financial leeway in your second country.

The obvious yet understated advantage is that businessmen have a wide reach and can target potential customers from a second country, and have access to the global market with no travel restrictions whatsoever. You can trade in your own country, and trade in your second country. You can also do business face to face with potential consumers, any day and time hassle-free.  

And last but not least, let’s be honest you get to enjoy your second country for not just business but also pleasure. If you become a citizen of the Caribbean, for instance, you can make it your holiday destination while conducting business at the same time. 



For entrepreneurs and wealthy individuals contemplating the citizenship by investment program in Dubai and wondering which one would benefit them the most, it is good to note that the Caribbean citizenship programs not only offer a better quality of life but also process your second passport quickly. The citizenship by investment program in the Caribbean is appealing as the countries have an established legal and regulatory framework, are all politically stable and operate on western style democracies.

The countries have a stable currency, they are located near central markets and travel can be easily arranged to the United States, Canada and Europe. The second passport can be obtained in just 4 months, once proper background checks have been performed.

The Antigua citizenship by investment program was established in 2012 and has since received a majority of applications from individuals in the Middle East and China. Approved applicants will contribute towards the National Development Fund and the contributions will be invested in education, infrastructure and national projects in Antigua and Barbuda.

The most competitive citizenship by investment program remains to be the one in Dominica which was established in 1993. The minimum investment that must be made to obtain a second citizenship is $200,000. With a Dominican citizenship, investors will not only obtain a second passport but also be able to receive more financial returns from their business ventures.

The Grenada citizenship by investment program is the only Caribbean program that offers visa-free travel to China. Grenada is also the only program that has an agreement with the United States in the form of its E-2 investor visa-treaty and also allowing citizens of Grenada to be eligible for a non-immigrant visa in the United States.

The St. Kitts and Nevis citizenship by investment program is the oldest program and was established in 1984. By the end of 2015, the program had granted a second passport to over 10,000 applicants. The St. Kitts and Nevis program has a broad appeal and recently restructured the program by tightening its process on due diligence. 

The newest citizenship by investment program was launched in 2015 in Saint Lucia. The program appeals to an exclusive audience and is ideal for those who would like to travel to over 120 countries including the UK, Singapore and Schengen countries.



Holding a second passport opens up a world of opportunities including growing your business venture, protecting your finances, and being free from high taxes. 

Acquiring a second citizenship to a peaceful and stable country will safeguard you in times of civil war, political unrest and other situations. It is with good reason that countless wealthy individuals and businessmen worldwide have a second passport which is similar to getting an additional life insurance.

In a world with instability and danger, deciding to obtain a second passport may be an investment for your future. It will not only protect you but also extend protection to your spouse and children. You can enjoy the benefits of a second citizenship without surrendering your existing citizenship. And many countries allow dual citizenship for its citizens.

A second passport will also protect your assets and reduce taxes. It allows for stronger financial privacy, higher returns, diversification of investment, increased safety and security both financially and personally.

A second passport also offers the investor and their family basic services which include education, healthcare, transport and security. Portugal, Malta and Cyprus are all part of the European Union which means you can live, work and study in any one of these countries. 

A second citizenship in Dubai offers investors a buy back guarantee or a return on investment once you qualify for the citizenship. This reduces the risk of investment and allows investors to earn stronger returns in a foreign currency. 

If you are wondering how quickly you can receive a second citizenship it largely depends on the citizenship by investment program and country you plan to settle down in. The Cypriot and Grenadian citizenship programs, for example, are known to issue passports within three months, while Antigua and Barbuda will issues passports within three and six months. 

It is good to remember that the number of countries you can travel visa-free to will indicate how your second passport in Dubai will be received by banks worldwide. With an EU passport you are eligible to open a bank account in any part of the world.


Setting up a new company overseas is a massive responsibility. Many entrepreneurs want to expand their company into global territory and benefit from launching their business overseas. This can be done through citizenship by investment.

But, before you pack your bags here are some tips to setting up your business overseas.

You need to first select your business activity. What may have worked in your current situation may not necessarily work overseas. If there is a market for your current product and service it will be easier for you set-up your company in a new location. If it is a brand new company for instance, you need to figure out whether there is a market for the type of products and services you offer.

This is an obvious one but you should learn the language. If you are setting up your business where the language is different to the one that you speak, it is only appropriate that you learn theirs in order to communicate and interact more effectively with potential customers.

Be interested in the culture and tradition of the new country. If this is the place you plan to call home sometime in the near future, you should immerse yourself and live like a local and participate in everyday experiences. The market and customer preference are foreign to you so you should put yourself out there as much as possible.

Understand the new market you are entering and study the competition. Consider the past and present of the business sector you plan to launch your business in, and learn from others successes and failures so that you repeat only the good.

When you move overseas you need to find a new network of not just friends and neighbors but also colleagues, investors, customers and vendors. Start engaging with people and make new connections so that you have a growing network by the time your company is up and running.

Let’s not forget the difficult part of relocating your business and that is going through business immigration. Preparing a visa application requires detailed and thorough research, and the regulations and policy can be complex and pose challenges. The visa process will require that you go through the relevant authorities, and you may not have the experience of handling such a big task. Choosing a business consultant in Dubai will make the process quick, and help you achieve your goal of setting up your business in a new country with minimum hassle and stress.



If you gain a second citizenship and passport to Cyprus, before you pack your bags, here are some things you should know about living in the country.
Purchasing property

If you are an EU national you will have home ownership. When it comes to non-EU nationals, there are some conditions you need to follow, for instance, you are eligible to purchase one property. If you plan to take out a loan to buy the property, you can contact the commercial bank to discuss information on how to obtain the loan. You will have to make a deposit of the purchasing price, as well as transfer fees and stamp duty.


There’s plenty of property available for rent, whether it is short or long-term. Rented property comes with heating and air conditioning but is usually not furnished. Rental contracts are usually signed from 1 to 2 years and can be renewed depending on the availability and so on. The deposit will be returned upon completing the contract and cost of all utilities are paid by the tenant.


The Central Bank of Cyprus is the primary banking system in the country. You can open a bank account for which you will be required to present your passport or identity card, confirmation of employment, proof of address and work permit or your Cyprus residence visa. Banking hours are from 8.30 to 1.20, however, ATMs function 24 hours allowing you to make withdrawals at any time.


You will drive on the left side of the road. The minimum driving age is 17 years and driving regulations are set by the European Union standards. Speed limit in residential areas is 50km/hr., rural areas is 80km/hr. and on the highway it can go up to 100km/hr. Certain international driving licenses are valid in Cyprus, however, if you’ve lived in the country for more than six months you are eligible to apply for a local driving license.


Private offices will open at 8 am and close by 5 pm. Government offices are open from Monday to Friday until mid-afternoon. Supermarkets and stores are open from Monday to Sunday between 9 am and 7 pm. 

The legal age for drinking is 17 years.


The official language is Greek which is commonly used in public schools, however, the private schools use English as their main language. Students can get a free education at public schools but private schools require that students sit for an entrance exam.


Healthcare is free and is accessible across the Island. Some individuals may be eligible for subsidized healthcare or a medical card. Public healthcare is available in towns and villages.



The twin-island state of Antigua and Barbuda is also called the ‘gem of the Caribbean’ and is soon becoming the popular choice for a second citizenship.

Antigua and Barbuda has become extremely popular with investors due to the transparent nature of its second citizenship application process, the quality of real estate available and the natural beauty it offers.

Foreign investment has contributed to the rapid development of the economy, resulting in Antigua and Barbuda having one of the highest GDPs per capita in the sub-region.

Bayat Legal Services helps make your second citizenship a quick, hassle free and life changing experience for you and your family.

Investment programmes afford families better security, access to quality education, a better quality of life, stability and diversification of wealth. Incase of unrest in the home country, a second citizenship holder can seek refuge in another country and have better investment and growth opportunities as well.

Despite being relatively new, the Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship by Investment Programme has become very popular amongst investors due to its straightforward and transparent application process, quick turnaround and the real estate opportunities in Antigua and Barbuda.

Adding to its fame, since August last year, a reduction in processing fees has given the programme, giving it an additional competitive edge. Very recently, Antigua and Barbuda was ranked number one in the region and number four in the world by citizenship experts Henley & Partners on account of its culture of efficiency, robust due diligence process, transparency and accountability.

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