How A Citizenship By Investment Program Can Enhance Your Lifestyle

There are plenty of benefits to obtaining a second passport. The citizenship by investment program offers residency and citizenship in hand-picked countries around the world. Different citizenship programs offer investors different benefits. The overriding advantage is that you are eligible for citizenship to a second country without needing to have generational ties or a requirement to emigrate. Therefore, citizenship by investment holds great appeal to individuals with high net worth. Here are some of the top benefits of these programs.

Investors looking to enhance their lifestyle can benefit from citizenship by investment. The program provides better education, healthcare services, transportation and security. Cyprus, Malta and Portugal are members of the EU which means if you obtain a citizenship or residency to one of these countries you will be eligible to live, work and study there.

Citizenship by investment programs offer return on investment and buy-back guarantee. This reduces the risk of investment particularly for investors from the African continent to earn returns, more often than not, in a stronger currency.

Another major benefit for investors is the freedom of travel. Passport holders in countries with restricted travel and lengthy visa application processes incur inconveniences when it comes to traveling for business purposes. Visa applications are time consuming and generally frustrating. Investing in a citizenship by investment program allows investors to travel up to 100 plus countries, visa-free. This also gives businesses the opportunity that they are looking for to grow and expand overseas. 

Investors gaining a residency or citizenship are eligible for tax breaks and improved corporate tax exposure. While the extent of these breaks would depend heavily on the jurisdiction’s incentives and offerings and where investors make their primary residence, it is worthwhile to note that investors will reap lifestyle benefits and financial advantage from citizenship by investment programs