Our Approach

Bayat Group is a boutique law firm specializing in business immigration, economic citizenship and corporate migration.We assist in the relocation of companies across international boundaries; we understand the problems faced by staff, managers and the owners who are subject to a changing number of administrative and regulatory barriers which require prompt and correct legal advice aimed at optimal solutions ensuring a smooth and successful transition between jurisdictions.

Drawing upon the depth of practical experience and knowledge accumulated over more than two decades, Bayat Group is able to offer meaningful advice and benefits to businesspersons far beyond those available from traditional immigration, citizenship and visa service providers.

Bayat Group has an extensive network of investment bankers, accountants, lawyers and international business consultants to provide each client with timely, professional and expert advice. We have an extensive knowledge of Business Immigration Programs in a wide range of countries enables us to better understand the challenges faced by our clients. We deliver practical and effective legal solutions and recognize that no two clients are alike, and there-fore, design individual strategies according to the client’s individual profile and needs.

What distinguishes our consultation and legal service from others is our ability to operate within the confines of the law in a creative, lateral and, when appropriate innovative manner in order to achieve the client’s objectives. We believe in producing optimum results, rather than settling for acceptable solutions.

Bayat Group has established offices in U.A.E., Malaysia, Beirut, Jeddah. We have associate partners in USA, UK, Australia, Cyprus, St. Kitts & Nevis, the Commonwealth of Dominica, Antigua & Barbuda, Grenada and Portugal. The Dubai (U.A.E.) office was chosen as the group’s head office for its strategic location as the hub of a transport network serving MENA countries, the Indian subcontinent and Asian countries.