Second Passport: How Dual Citizenship Can Save Your Life

If you are the citizen of only one country at the moment, that many people are, you are essentially at the mercy of your government. To have second passport means government has no authorization over your life or your assets.

Safety is the most important factor for each family. In case if they jail you for any reason or confiscate your assets, you can not solve the issue unless you’re the citizen of another country. Hence, holding a second passport through dual citizenship in another country is a complete part of international diversification.

If those people had an adequate second passport, they could have seen the chaos on their televisions, rather than out of their bedroom window. Instead, they had no other option than to stay in place while bullets were flying.

An important point here is that those who already had a second passport before the situation started to deteriorate did not have to wait in line. They got out of the country safely and quickly along with their assets.

How To Get A Second Passport

This is not information that you will find on Wikipedia. In fact, there is not much (correct) information available on how to actually get a dual passport. The ‘industry’ is full of snake oil sales people who assert that they can get you a legal passport in 30 days, as if passports are freely available for anyone who applies.

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