Securing A 2nd Passport Is Easier Than You Think!

What can you expect from a citizenship by investment? What are the benefits of acquiring a second passport?

Access To Foreign Markets

If you are an entrepreneur you will want to take advantage of lucrative business markets, particularly markets that gross in billions and trillions of dollars. Your second passport will give you the freedom to trade in many of these markets, and each of these doors are opened on visa-free travel. 

Freedom Of Movement

Business entrepreneurs will also have freedom between countries. Portugal, Cyprus, Hungary and Spain will give you much greater freedom and visa on arrival travel.

Financial Freedom

Some business entrepreneurs may live in certain Middle Eastern states, and many of these have travel restrictions applied to them. As passport holders of these regions, for instance, there are challenges outside of the country when it comes to banks, financial institutions and other financial organizations. Obtaining a second passport will give you the freedom to open bank accounts and facilitate payments of your choice.


As you are free to travel and work in the country of your choice, the obstacles to residency are also removed. There are some idyllic countries where you can live, work and retire, so it is worth bearing this in mind.

Other Benefits

There are so many advantages that a second citizenship offers which include educational privileges, healthcare, legal rights and social welfare. Depending on the country of residency entrepreneurs along with families have the right to access maternity provisions, paternity benefits, employment benefits, pensions and so much more. 

Why Bayat Legal Services recommends a second passport to entrepreneurs?

  • Sole applicants or family units can live in tranquil environments surrounded by beautiful beaches, stunning scenery and sublime surroundings. 
  • A lifetime grant of citizenship can be passed to future generations.
  • No residency requirements for holders of dual citizenship.
  • Visa free travel and visa on arrival to over 100 countries including Britain and Germany.
  • English is the official language, however, there is no language requirement.

When you are making deals in all parts of the world, you want to travel across countries with little hassle. This isn’t the case for many entrepreneurs. It can be frustrating when your competition is getting ahead of you simply because they have a better passport. The type of passport you have may limit opportunities for business partnerships and investments.

It is time to change all that. And the good news is that most countries around the world offer a second passport in return for investment, usually pertaining to real estate or government bonds. The second passport can open up limitless opportunities.

Bayat Legal Services specializes in business and corporate immigration. We understand that migrating to another country is a significant decision. It is not to be taken lightly. Choosing our services will ensure you can acquire a second passport successfully, to live and establish yourself in another country.