St Kitts and Nevis Launch New Fund for Citizenship by Investment Programme

St. Kitts And Nevis being a country that offers one of the best citizenship by investment opportunities in the world, has certainly grown to facilitate numerous benefits. Having been recognized as the World’s Most Innovative Investment Immigration Programme by the 2018 Passport Index, the passport enables you to visit over 140 countries visa-free.

For those of you, looking to invest in St. Kitts and Nevis, it is essential that you equip yourself with the necessary legal assistance as immigration and citizenship laws are quite intricate and require expertise to ensure that you have a smooth process in obtaining a second citizenship. This expertise is provided by our team of professionals at Bayat Group, specialize in business immigration, economic citizenship, residency investment and corporate immigration and will also be able to assist you with tax planning and offshore trust. While the procedure will take from 6-8 months for conclusion, you are not required to visit the country in this process, and our legal team will ensure that all the necessary issues are dealt with from this end.

Our ability to individually strategize plans to facilitate solutions to your impending problems will give you a personalized service with effectively efficient results. You will not have to resort to mediocre unsatisfactory solutions as our team will ensure that you will have the best deal.

With the launch of the new fund for this investment programme, namely the Sustainable Growth Fund, you are now able to envision and develop as an economic visionary, as the programme focuses on promoting healthcare, education, alternative energy and infrastructure. It also looks to deal with climate change and resilience and the growth of indigenous entrepreneurship, which will keep up with the global standards of sustainable development to bring about a country that is eco-friendly and the perfect home to you, your family as well our native citizens.

The crucial benefit out of this programme, being the fact that it is quite affordable in comparison to the previous “The Sugar Industry Diversification Foundation”, is the perfect opportunity for you to invest in this citizenship without having to worry about finances.

This programme will be an addition to the already inclusive benefits that you could enjoy through the economic investment in the country, which includes no wealth or income tax, lifetime citizenship, no mandatory language tests or need of prior experience in business dealings.

It is essential to bear in mind that the right legal guidance could go a long way to facilitate a convenient process in obtaining your citizenship, thus invest right with the accurate guidance!