This new program is established under section 14.1 of Immigration and Refugee Protection Act in May 2013. The objective behind this program is to link immigrant entrepreneurs with the private sector organizations that have expertise in working with the start-ups.

To be admissible for this program, the applicant must intend to have a new business in Canada. This business must be supported by an angel investor organization or a venture capital fund, which are designated by the Minister. The venture capital fund must make an investment of CAD $200,000, whereas the angel investor group must make a minimum investment of CAD $75,000. The applicant must be able to communicate in English and French and have post-secondary education.

The applicant must complete the required forms and documents and pay the processing fees. Up to five family members can be included in the application. The applicant and his or her family members must also undergo a medical exam and police checks.

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