This program targets foreigners who want to invest in the U.K. by taking over and actively managing a business there.

To be admissible to this program, the applicant must satisfy a points-based system that assesses whether the applicant has entrepreneur-like qualities. The applicant must invest 200,000 British pounds into a U.K. business or have 50,000 British pounds from a registered U.K. venture capital firm. These funds must be held in a U.K. regulated financial institution. The applicant must also be able to speak English (IELTS of minimum 4) and support himself or herself (as well as his or her dependents) in the U.K.

To extend his or her status as an entrepreneur, the applicant must be registered as a director of the U.K. business and be engaged in the business activity. The business must create at least two new full-time jobs in the U.K.

The applicant must submit the required forms and documents, pay the processing fees and possibly undergo a biometrics test.

Applying to this program is advantageous, as it is a fast way for applicants to reside in the U.K. This also opens the possibility for the applicant to apply for an indefinite leave to remain in the UK.

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