The Two biggest search trends: Bitcoin & Citizenship By Investment

In search of a high quality life and the freedom that comes along with it wealthy investors are looking into programs that will benefit them and protect their wealth. Investors are typically from countries like the Middle East, South Asia, China and Russia. Their goal is to lead a better and more productive life, enjoy visa-free travel and escape from the political uncertainty and unrest that usually dominates these regions.

A generation ago it was rare for even wealthy individuals could choose to have two passports or be eligible for a digital currency system. However, with the modern age and new opportunities opening up the doors, people have more choices at their fingertips.

Let’s discuss two such programs that have attracted investors from all parts of the world. The search for Bitcoin and Citizenship by Investment is growing and expanding daily. It has become a stronghold in the business industry with business people looking at these programs as the means to protect their wealth, and enjoy tax free benefits.

Bitcoin is a digital currency and peer to peer network which was first introduced in 2009. It is an independent and decentralized system and has no affiliations to banking authorities or any government. Transaction fees when using Bitcoin are lower than traditional online payment methods.

For investors, Bitcoin is useful during financial transactions as it levies minimal fees. However, since of late the Bitcoin users have emerged as the market has begun maturing. Transactions are viewable online and available on public ledger, where it is held for verification purposes to further process based on its validity. There are other activities that can be conducted through Bitcoins which include land titles and property, insurance claims, settlements between financial institutions, auditing and document stamping, crowd-funding and customer rewards to name a few.

The benefits of citizenship by investment are fairly well documented. Investors can enjoy visa-free travel to over 100 plus countries, it opens doors to higher education for one’s children, wider reach for business opportunities and useful tax breaks.

Citizenship by investment has been attracting thousands of nationals from all over the world, in their pursuit to obtain a second citizenship. The acquisition of a second passport is a tremendous asset in itself. The citizenship by investment program allows investors to bring their dependents to their chosen country. And many of these countries provide a significant tax break to its citizens.

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