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Business Migration and Corporate Immigration

With globalization, business migration and increased movement of specialized and qualified labor force worldwide, a new legal discipline has been created: corporate immigration.

Relocating companies across international boundaries means that staff, managers and the owners are subject to growing number of hurdles, administrative and regulatory, thus requiring proper legal advice for optimal strategy to ensure a smooth and successful transition.

Employment Law

Employment law regulates the relationship between employers and employees. The law governs what employers can expect from employees, what employers can ask employees to do, and employees’ rights at work.
The key employment laws include discrimination, minimum wage, and workplace safety and health laws, as well as workers’ compensation.
Our combined experience of more than 60 years and our multidisciplinary team can provide professional service and advise about employment related issues.

Real Estate Law

In-depth knowledge and understanding of legal and business environment and customs in the UAE, GCC and in other markets enables our real estate team to provide accurate and update advise to our clients.

We represent property owners and real estate companies in sales transactions and our team has a proven and extensive experience in advising different parties on purchase, sales or rental of properties around major investment centers.

Offshore trusts and tax planning

Trusts, estates, asset protection and tax planning are essential elements of offshore financial structures. Through our experience and affiliates in many of the shore jurisdictions we offer comprehensive solutions to these matters for our clients.

Our multidisciplinary team brings to our clients more than 60 years of professional experience and expertise from multiple onshore and offshore jurisdictions. We can therefore assist the client with the choice of destination best suited to the needs and advise and structure estate plans accordingly.

Our team advises a wide range of clients, from individuals to multinationals, on the intricacies of international taxation and the role that offshore financial structures can apply in cross-border business. We are regularly asked to assist business and their onshore advisors in assuring compliance with the increasingly complex legislative environment in our client’s home countries.