Canada is a G7 country with one of the world’s best performing economies over the past decade. As the world’s second largest country, it is also rich in natural resources, including the world’s second largest oil reserves and fourth largest supply of fresh water.

Visa-free travel to
184+ countries for citizens

Dual citizenship

Physical stay

Investment start from
CAD 1.2 Million





  • High quality of life with enormous opportunities.
  • Doesn’t require the applicant or his/her spouse
    to meet any language requirements.
  • Excellent education system.
  • Very close relationship to the USA and NAFTA markets.
  • One of the best health-care systems in the world.
  • Opportunity to apply for the Canadian
    citizenship after 4 years of permanent residency.
  • As Canadian passport is deemed to be one of
    the strongest passports in the world.
  • Perfect place to do business and settle in with
    the family.
  • Superb environment and strict environmental control.

The Quebec Immigrant Investor Program is now open to new applications, Quebec is accepting a total of 1,900 applications in this new intake period, which runs until 31 August 2019.This popular program is the only provincial immigration stream that allows applicants to obtain unconditional permanent residence through a passive investment.

Canada provides a family-friendly lifestyle, with several world-class cities that provide well diversified business environments, vibrant social scenes and cultural events. It has an excellent education system with numerous private schools and elite universities. Five of the world’s top 100 business schools are also in Canada. Many government programs to support technological development and business.

Applicant must have a legally acquired net worth of at least CAD$2 million. Demonstrate an intention to settle in Québec. Provide documents supporting the source and origin of invested funds. Demonstrate at least two years of suitable business experience within the five years preceding the application.

Investment Options

Investor Program

To be eligible for the Investor Program, you must have management experience for 2 years out of 5 years.

Minimum net worth CAD 2,000,000
Invest with an authorized financial intermediary CAD 1,200,000

The investment is guaranteed by the Quebec government and will be returned in full after five years.

  • Applicable Fees

    Government applicable fees

    Federal Government FeesPermanent resident application processing fees are:

    Fees for the Québec Immigrant Investor Program and include
    the principal applicant and all accompanying dependants.
    CAD 15,746
    Main applicant CAD 1,050
    Spouse CAD 550
    Children under 18 CAD 150
    Right of Permanent Residence Fee main applicant CAD 490
    Right of Permanent Residence Fee Spouse CAD 490

    Children are exempt

Application Process

Month 1 - 2

Understand the program, sign the retainer agreement and application preparation.

Month 3 - 4

Initial submission of application, waiting of approval for Québec Selection Certificate.

Month 5 - 10

Application to be submitted to the Federal Immigration Authorities for Security and Medical Checks.

Month 11 - 16

Follow up and waiting for the result of the application.

Month 17 - 24

Federal Government approval for the application, issuance of Canada Permanent Residence Visa and passport.