Become Dubai’s First With A Second Passport

Become Dubai’s First With A Second Passport

Obtaining a second passport is most especially ideal for emerging world citizens who are lacking opportunities.

If you are a large investor in Dubai pondering on where to allot your investments and is considering expansion overseas while also increasing your travel benefits at the same time, you are advised to check up on the current business trend: citizenship by investment programs.

Citizenship deals will establishing a relationship between an individual and a nation state where the state grants rights such as the right to work and own property, and in return, the citizen will be upholding the state’s laws and customs.

Traditional means of acquiring citizenship are birth, naturalization and marriage. Naturalization is the process of getting a citizenship by residing in the country for a certain number of years. Apart from these, since 1984, investment in the host country has become a new way to obtain citizenship which is called ‘citizenship by investment’.

“What will my business get from a citizenship by investment?”

Citizenship by investment programs legally consult citizenship status sooner than the traditional immigration processes.

Increased global sales and personal safety are one of the many reasons to invest in a second citizenship. Depending on the scenario, applications can be approved in as little as three months. This will reap you great benefits: citizenship for life, a valid passport, visa-free travel and more. Citizenship by investment offers possibilities to high net worth investors.

A second passport provides numerous advantages: be it for tax reasons, business, or travel. The first thing you need to do is to identify the different countries you would like to travel to and guarantee if a second citizenship would give you the permission to travel there. For instance, if you need to visit a country for business purposes, check which citizenship by investment program offers such visa-free travel.

Most of the programs would allow you to visit over 100 countries without the hassle of processing visa, so investing on these programs provide you more time spent on expanding your business.

However, there is a risk in this great opportunity: there have been several reports of scam. As it involves great wealth for investment, you will need an assurance that your capital is going into the right place. Thus, it is recommendable to avail the services of a firm that produce optimum results in legal aspects and is safe and secured.

With practical experience and knowledge worth more than two decades, our professional practitioners will handle the process to prevent unnecessary expenses and facing rejections. You will need the assistance of a legal firm with extensive knowledge to simplify these regulations and to be able to manage your application successfully.

With the attainment of this second citizenship, you are set to become the best and establish your business internationally while enjoying the many benefits of a second passport.

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