Dominica’s CBI Program to Allow A Visa-Free Access to Russia

Dominica’s CBI Program to Allow A Visa-Free Access to Russia

Currently, three countries under the Citizenship by Investment (CBI) program namely Saint Kitts & Nevis, Vanuatu, and Grenada are visa-free to travel to Russia. Adding to the roster of these countries with exclusive benefits, Dominica’s CBI program is set to gain a visa-free travel access to Russia, making it 4th under the program.

As reported by TASS, the Commonwealth of Dominica has been endorsed to a visa-free access by the Russian government. The agreement allows citizens of Russia and Dominica to travel to the respective locations within a three-month period at a time.

As stated from Russian cabinet’s official website: “The draft agreement waives visas for holders of Russian passports valid abroad, including diplomatic and service passports, and citizens of the Commonwealth of Dominica who hold diplomatic, service and regular passports, provided their stay does not exceed 90 days in any 180-day period.”

It’s been more than three months since Dominican Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit announced that his administration was in the final stages of negotiating visa-waiver agreements with both Russia and the UAE and that they were actively pursuing a similar agreement with China.

After more than three months of wait, the Russian visa-waiver agreement appears to be settled. More details shall be awaited when the agreement gets officially signed.

This week, Dominica has also announced to open an embassy and a consulate in the UAE, indicating a positive sign regarding the matter.

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