Double The Profit When You Double Your Passport

Double The Profit When You Double Your Passport

It’s time for your harvest.

As an entrepreneur, you only want the best for your business: to double the money coming in while expanding your brand into a larger network, to go beyond the target sales, and to reach to the biggest clients.

With the countless business plans and proposals, you have a vision in mind to fulfill your company’s mission: to be known worldwide by creating a name internationally. After all, the more expanded your business then the more money you could make.

As an established company in Dubai with a good reputation to multiple clients, a business as promising as yours would make it big with the wide connections you have created. However, all of these cannot be accomplished if the passport you own restricts opportunities to travel all over the world.

This should no longer be a problem when you obtain a second passport or acquire a citizenship by investment. Citizenship by investment involves investing a sizable amount of the company’s profit, as well as comprises of valuable assets and stocks. This type of citizenship is ideal to foreign investors who desire to launch themselves and partake in the country of choice’s booming economic growth.

As of writing, the Citizenship by Investment Program is offered by almost three dozen countries. To acquire this residency, an average cost of £154,000 and a proof of residency for at least 12 months are required. After gaining a double passport, investors can visit over 100 countries without the hassle of visa processing.

Reap not only the financial advantage but the lifestyle benefits as well. Citizenship by investment allows you to travel freely, which gives you the time to conduct research on business economic trends that will help you find the perfect prospect investors.

It is time to finally harvest what you deserve by applying for your citizenship by investment with us. Bayat Group is a law firm specializing in business immigration, economic citizenship and corporate immigration. With Bayat Group’s extensive knowledge of Business Immigration Programs, we will deliver the most practical and effective legal solutions to our clients’ concerns.

We recognize particularities in each client so we design individual strategies according to the client’s individual profile and needs.

We believe in producing optimum results. Fast, smooth, and 100% legal.   

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