Malta – Venture Into A World Of Bliss And Comfort

Malta – Venture Into A World Of Bliss And Comfort

As business owners continue to flourish in their sector, people are ready to invest in the economy of other countries and simultaneously build a reputed name in the business industry.

The Maltese government offers an exciting citizenship by investment program which can be obtained by investing only EUR 350,000 in a real estate project, by contributing EUR 650,000 to the National Economic and Social Development Fund and by investing EUR 150,000 in bonds, stocks, and debentures.

With this residency, you enjoy multiple benefits including,

  • Liberty to travel around more than 160 countries without an additional visa charge.
  • No restriction on dual citizenship.
  • Known for its stable political environment.
  • Has one of the best educational systems in the world
  • Can acquire citizenship in 6 months
  • Permanent citizenship will be transferred to the future generation

It is certainly worth investing!

With BAYAT Legal Consultancy, we aim to process your application with absolute precision and constant guidance from our team of expert consultants. Get in touch to get quality service and quick results!


Malta is a European country located near Italy and North America. It is developing immensely and is gaining high financial stability. In fact, Malta is one of the oldest countries, rich in ancient history and culture.

Malta is a member of the European Union since 2004. It is one of the first members offering citizenship to high net worth individuals.  In 2014, the Maltese government declared to start a citizenship by investment program. Reports indicate that the Maltese government has received more than 800 applications from 40 different countries between 2014-2016. With this citizenship, the government does not restrict you to live in Malta only.

With Maltese citizenship, you are automatically a citizenship of EU as well. Through this citizenship, you are given the liberty to study, travel, work, and live in any country belonging to the European Union. Malta can be the perfect place for you and your family with its low crime rate, high safety, and one of the best educational systems in the world.

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