Move To The Heavenly Nirvana – Grenada

Move To The Heavenly Nirvana – Grenada

With the changing times, business tycoons are loving the idea of owning a second passport. With an initial investment, people are given the liberty to travel around a hundred countries without the need of a travel visa. With recent changes made by the Grenadian government, you have a splendid opportunity of applying for their citizenship by investment program.

With an initial investment of just US$ 150,000, get the chance of owning a brand-new Grenadian passport.

With their citizenship, you can enjoy many benefits as listed below:

  • You can travel around 135 countries without the need of an additional travel visa
  • No dual diligence fees for applicant’s family members
  • With this passport, you can also apply for USA E2 visa
  • You can set your company in a stable business atmosphere in Grenada
  • No interview or prior education required for applying for this program

And so many other benefits worth investing!


Grenada is a beautiful Caribbean country surrounded by breath-taking beaches and serene landscapes. With a recent amendment implemented by the Grenadian government, the applicant must contribute only US$150,000 under the National Transformation Fund Donation to acquire a second passport.

This program was launched to invite permanent residents who will help in the economic development and growth of the country. With the recent implementation, the government offers an attractive offer to the applicants to ensure a steady economic flourishment. Additionally, Grenada is a member of CARICOM (Caribbean community) which makes a Grenadian citizen the holder of a CARICOM passport as well.

Fast-track your procedure with expert help provided by BAYAT legal consultancy. We will ensure that all your documentation and formalities will be taken care by our professional consultants who have many years of experience in the consultancy field.

Moreover, the applicant does not need to have an educational background or management experience to apply for this citizenship program in Grenada. With BAYAT, the procedure will be completed within 60 days. Get your Grenadian passport with no restrictions on dual citizenship through our legal advisors and consultants.

Get in touch with us now by visiting our official website at to know more about the citizenship program offered by Grenada!


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