Don’t Just Visit: Live & Work In Cyprus

Don’t Just Visit: Live & Work In Cyprus

People always wish to get the best of the best in a single place. Let it be healthcare, security, job opportunities or even the educational system, it is very important to choose to live in a place that offers all of this. If you are planning to get a second citizenship through investment, Cyprus can definitely be one of the top countries to get your second citizenship as numerous businesses are flourishing and the economy is growing immensely.

There are a number of benefits you can enjoy if you get citizenship by investment.

These include:

  • You can enjoy their amazing food and weather as you settle in.
  • There are no preset or mandatory requirements to apply for citizenship.
  • After just three years of investing, you will be able to reclaim your investment.
  • A dual citizenship is allowed, hence you do not have to cancel your primary citizenship.
  • As a member of EU, you will be given the opportunity to travel around 157 countries without issuing any travel visa.

Join hands with us and acquire your citizenship in Cyprus with just a few formalities that will be taken care by our legal and immigration team.

With a small population of only 1.1 million people, the country is still developing. Hence, there is a lot of scope for business development and real estate. This can be an advantage as you could invest in such properties that will in turn give you a free citizenship of the country.

Recently, the government made changes to the investment program where the deposit money was reduced by $50,000. This was done so that more people are given the opportunity to grow their business in Cyprus and earn a reputable name.

Cyprus is one of the beautiful countries in the European Union. The weather is soothing where the houses are surrounded by greenery and natural beauty. When it comes to security, Cyprus is one of those countries known for its low crime rate. It can definitely be an ideal place to raise your kids and live in a safe neighborhood. Additionally, they have great healthcare facilities. This could be the best place if you are planning to launch a new business. You and your family can live an opulent life without worrying about safety.

So if you are hoping to get a second citizenship in Cyprus, book an appointment with us and know more about formalities that need to be completed.

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