Why A Second Passport Is A Must-Have For Entrepreneurs

Why A Second Passport Is A Must-Have For Entrepreneurs

Holding a second passport opens up a world of opportunities including growing your business venture, protecting your finances, and being free from high taxes. 

Acquiring a second citizenship to a peaceful and stable country will safeguard you in times of civil war, political unrest and other situations. It is with good reason that countless wealthy individuals and businessmen worldwide have a second passport which is similar to getting an additional life insurance.

In a world with instability and danger, deciding to obtain a second passport may be an investment for your future. It will not only protect you but also extend protection to your spouse and children. You can enjoy the benefits of a second citizenship without surrendering your existing citizenship. And many countries allow dual citizenship for its citizens.

A second passport will also protect your assets and reduce taxes. It allows for stronger financial privacy, higher returns, diversification of investment, increased safety and security both financially and personally.

A second passport also offers the investor and their family basic services which include education, healthcare, transport and security. Portugal, Malta and Cyprus are all part of the European Union which means you can live, work and study in any one of these countries. 

A second citizenship in Dubai offers investors a buy back guarantee or a return on investment once you qualify for the citizenship. This reduces the risk of investment and allows investors to earn stronger returns in a foreign currency. 

If you are wondering how quickly you can receive a second citizenship it largely depends on the citizenship by investment program and country you plan to settle down in. The Cypriot and Grenadian citizenship programs, for example, are known to issue passports within three months, while Antigua and Barbuda will issues passports within three and six months. 

It is good to remember that the number of countries you can travel visa-free to will indicate how your second passport in Dubai will be received by banks worldwide. With an EU passport you are eligible to open a bank account in any part of the world.

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