Second Citizenship Is A Matter Of Global Openness

Second Citizenship Is A Matter Of Global Openness

As an entrepreneur, you may feel restricted on many levels. There are so many aspects that you have to deal with like volatile markets, fluctuating exchange rates, political unrest and different time zones. And yet, you still have to struggle with restricted international travel.

Depending on your passport there is a likelihood that you cannot travel to countries that will actually help make a difference to your business. You would like to travel across the globe, enjoying your stake in lucrative markets with minimal stress and inconvenience. This is not always the case. Your passport is a barrier and you have to deal with the frustration of long and lengthy visa application processes, interviews and everything that comes with international travel.

There is good news. Many countries around the world now offer a second citizenship and passport welcoming citizens to their own country in return for investment. The citizenship by investment in Dubai opens up a world of possibilities to entrepreneurs.

One of the primary reasons entrepreneurs choose to have a second passport is that it lifts restrictions on international travel. You are allowed the same freedom as a citizen of that particular country. You can travel freely to more than a 100 countries visa-free or get visa-on-arrival.

Another significant benefit is the business and investment opportunities. When you have a second citizenship there will be no restriction on foreign investment or the generous exchange and interest rates that you can take advantage of. A second passport in Dubai will allow you financial access in your chosen country.

It goes without saying that as much as economic unrest is disadvantages to your business, so is political unrest. You will have a clear advantage with a second passport in Dubai if the country you are based in experiences significant political and economic upheaval. You can always relocate to your second country of choice, particularly if the geopolitical landscape is more stable.

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