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Our team of specialized consultants and lawyers in investment, residency, immigration, and citizenship provides high quality yet cost-efficient services. For instance, we can prepare your visa application, request for removal of conditions, appeal immigration or citizenship decisions, and attend immigration specialized courts. We take it upon ourselves to propose solutions that are in the clients’ best interest.

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Citizenship by investment is a concept describing policies, which allow individuals to obtain a foreign citizenship in exchange of investment and/or government donation. CBI programs legally grant citizenship status to foreign investors in a short period of time compared to the traditional naturalization processes. It is also known as an Economic Citizenship.

There are many reasons why wealthy individuals should consider an alternative citizenship in today’s ever-changing world including but not limited to security, ease of travel, tax and financial planning, and internal political situations. We are assisting our clients in acquiring an alternative economic citizenship without disrupting their lifestyle. In these programs there is no need to give up your original nationality. For economic considerations and without residency requirements, you can legally acquire a new citizenship and obtain a new passport.

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A residence by investment is a concept describing policies, which allow individuals to gain a foreign residence in exchange of investment and/or government donation. Typically, investors obtain temporary residence status, often known as Golden Visas, and after a certain period they can apply for permanent residence and then citizenship through naturalization.

In recent years, many countries have started to issue long term and permanent residencies to investors and their families upon the purchase of real estate, capital transfer into government bonds/securities, or job creation through an entrepreneurial route. The applicant will have the right to live, study and work in the country of permanent residency, in addition to obtaining health care and freedom of travel to several countries.

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Immigration programs allow foreigners to relocate to the host country together with their family members and obtain residence status there, which can lead to citizenship. Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and the United States of America are the principal countries allowing applications for permanent residents. Once you have a permanent residency, you need to maintain your residency status and after several years, you can apply for your citizenship.

If you are interested in migrating, you need to know that there are several categories when applying for a permanent residency. You can apply as a skilled worker, an entrepreneur, or through various other programs like startup visas, and artist visas. We specialize in Entrepreneurs and Investors applications and our clients are selected in business immigration programs based on their business experience and personal assets.

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Initial funds for Settlement Required

Indefinite number of renewals of the visa, Physical residency is required.
Active involvement in the business Required

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Student Visa


Initial funds for Settlement Required

Visa-free travel with dual citizenship to 184+ countries, Physical stay required.
Canada offers its students a clear path to obtaining a Perminent Residency

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