Jersey is a location with the most balanced political dimension and low crime rate. They regard safety to be their highest priority. Get their residency and live in a secured and stable region close to Europe.


Jersey is a country with the area of 119,5 Km2 and with the population of 100,000 People. The official name of the country is Bailiwick of Jersey and is located near the coast of France. Jersey is crown dependency of the UK. The mixture of French and British culture makes it very attractive for tourism and investment. AS the country is under the protectorate of the UK, it has to be mentioned that it is not the part of the EU and not the part of the UK.

Delve into the serene view and natural beauty, away from the busy modern life in the city by getting a residency in Jersey.

Jersey has its independent Government, Parliament and taxation system. There are lots of advantages to move to Jersey:

  • It is very close to Europe (France and UK).
  • The currency is sterling.
  • The official language is English.
  • The country is one of the safest in the world.
  • Very comfortable for those who like to travel to EU and UK.
  • Low crime rate.
  • Perfect schooling and teaching infrastructure.
  • No Capital taxes.
  • No wealth taxes.
  • No inheritance taxes.
  • No gift taxes.

As country is really small, there are certain housing rules that have to be met when you apply for it. The rules are different, for those who were born on the island, who are registered as an employee, who has spent enough time on the island and those who are high value residents. When you are entitled the status of high value residence, in this case the resident can buy a real property or lease it under the Housing law of Jersey. To buy a real property, mostly it is more than £ 1,75 worth. Eligibility Criteria for the status:

  • They have to meet certain reputational criteria.
  • Residency is Jersey has to be beneficial for the country (socially or financially).
  • The worldwide sustainable income must be at least £ 625,000. The minimum taxes paid by the resident must be at least £ 125,000.

It has to be mentioned that besides those criteria, the Chief Minister can take into account other important factors:

  • Business or voluntary work contribution to the local community.
  • Skills and cultural interest that can benefit the country.
  • Training and teaching to youth.
  • Family lifestyle, such as past charitable works.

The ministry can also ask further questions, concerning the future plans in Jersey (business, recruitment of the staff, training etc.)

  • Fiscal friendly Low property tax, Income tax maximum 20 %, no corporate (except for financial services businesses 10 %), no capital and inheritance taxes
  • High standard of living
  • Stable political situation and low crime rate
  • High level of primary and secondary education
  • Full of natural beauty
  • Very close to Europe
  • Official language is English
  • Possibility to reside a family members on the island, after the applicant purchases the real property
  • Currency is Pound Sterling

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  • COST OF LIVING: How cheap goods and services are43%
  • GROWTH RATE: How fast economic is growing54%
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