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    Visa-free travel to 184+ countries.Perfect place to do business/work and settle with the family.

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    Free legal advice for skilled migrants and we take care of end-to-end legal and documentation services

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    Relocate in less than 12 months and Avail of free education for children

Why Australia?

Australia is one of the top 10 countries to live in!

Skill Select allows foreigners with certain skills to obtain a permanent residence status and, thus, the right to live and work anywhere in Australia by applying for a Skilled Independent Visa (SIV), subclass 189. It is a points-tested visa stream and applicants need to hold certain qualifications, work experience, language ability and other requirements, their applications to have success.


  • Stay in Australia for indefinite period of time;
  • The right to work and study anywhere in Australia;
  • Get access to one of the best public healthcare system – Medicare;
  • The right to sponsor relatives to come to Australia;
  • The right to travel to and from Australia for 5 years;
  • A pathway to Australian citizenship.

Bayat Legal Services Free consultation on Australia Immigration for Skilled Workers

We launched our program giving free consultation on how to apply and process an application for skilled migrants. We provide free one-on-one consultation includes your profile evaluation and initial assessment on your eligibility to migrate to Australia, and guidance to document requirements.

We want you to be empowered to make the right decision for your future and, at the same time saving you by hiring unnecessary service providers and spending your hard-earned savings. We have stood strong in the industry as experts and, we would like to ensure that you pick the right country as your home. We are driven by our mission to offer reliable advice, an enhanced and well-defined understanding of the Australia visa and immigration application process.

We welcome individuals who wish to start their dreams and plan to migrate to Australia, with no commitment at all.

Bayat legal services’ proudly celebrating 28 years of authenticity.

Bayat Legal Services is a boutique law firm that offers meaningful advice and services to business persons in terms of migration, second passport, and citizenship by investment as well as residency by investment. We enable you to obtain security, stability, and freedom - changing your life for the better.

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