The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is State in Western Europe on the British Isles. Country shares land border only with Ireland. In addition to the land borders, Great Britain is surrounded by Atlantic Ocean, North Sea, English Channel and the Sea of Ireland. The country is connected to France by the European tunnel. Due to its varied landscape, historical – architectural monuments and ultra – modern communications facilities. Britain is one of the largest tourist destinations in the world.

Visa-free travel to
184+ countries

5 Years

Physical residency

Investment start from
£2 million


United Kingdom



  • The right to live, work and study in the UK.
  • Free medical care.
  • No work restrictions.
  • Stable society and economy.
  • The right to vote as a citizen.
  • After 6 years qualify for citizenship.
  • One of fastest growing economies in the world.
  • Right to travel within the Schengen area.

UK being one of the top economics and most prominent and trade centers in the world. It has a long history as a major player in international affairs. The UK is home to diverse immigrant communities. UK’s Tier 1 immigration program has been deliberately generated to attract investors., entrepreneurs.

Tier 1 Investors you can:
Work, do business or study in the UK.
Apply for ILR after 2 years if you invest in €10 million.
Apply for ILR after 3 years if you invest in €5 million.
Apply for ILR after 2 years if you invest €2 million.

Individuals who have lived in the UK for five or more years are eligible to apply for UK citizenship if they meet the requirements

  • Spend no more than 90 days outside the UK for a period of 12 months
  • Spend no more than 450 days outside in a five-year period
  • No involvement in criminal activity
  • Understanding of like and culture in the UK, with a basic level of English

Investment Options

Option 1

Full Investment £2 million
Stay for Settlement (ILR) 5 Years

Option 2

Full Investment £5 million
Stay for Settlement (ILR) 3 Years

Option 3

Full Investment £10 million
Stay for Settlement (ILR) 2 Years

Application Process

Step 1

Bayat group’ compliance team will conduct an internal due diligence. Bayat group’s team and lawyer’s will then meet with you and conclude which method will be suitable for your precise case.

Step 2

A retainer agreement is signed. You meet with our business professionals and lawyers, where a business plan is illustrated.

Step 3

Bayat Group will support and guide you with collecting the required documents concurring to the government checklist

Step 4

A thorough business plan is exemplified charting out how the business will sway and accommodate with the current market. The application then is submitted online, and an appointment with embassy or VFS is scheduled.

Step 5

At your appointment scheduled at the embassy or VFS you are required to submit all supporting documents and be physically present.

Step 6

Bayat legal services will prepare and guide you for your upcoming interview. The embassy will schedule a meeting with you; there you will present your business plan. After one week from the interview an official decision will be decided.