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The Grenada Citizenship by Investment Program, regulated by the Grenada Citizenship by Investment Act, 2013, allows individuals and their families to obtain citizenship of Grenada by making a qualifying investment or contribution to the country.

Investment Options

  • Contribution to the National Transformation Fund (NTF)
  • Investment in a real estate project approved by the government

Family Inclusion

Together with the main applicant, Grenada’s citizenship can be attained by his/her spouse, children below 30 years old, elderly parents above 55 years old and siblings 18 years and above. The fees for family members differ based on the quantity of family members encompassed within a CBI application.

Eligibility Criteria

Applicants must be at least 18 years of age, exhibit good character, have a clean criminal record, and display a willingness to fulfill the obligatory investment.

Opportunity to get E-2 Visa in USA

Grenada’s citizens are entitled to apply and obtain a E-2 Investor Visa in USA.

Unlike other Caribbean countries with CBI programs, Grenada offers an exclusive opportunity to obtain an E-2 Investor visa for the USA. However, as of December 2022, E-2 applicants are required to provide evidence of continuous residence in the qualifying foreign country for a minimum of 3 years.


Visa-free travel

Grenada passport holders enjoy visa-free or visa on arrival access (plus ETAs) to 145 jurisdictions, including the EU & UK, China, Russia, Hong Kong, Singapore, etc.

E-2 Investor Visa in USA

Grenada’s citizens are entitled to apply and obtain a E-2 Investor Visa in USA.

Post Approval Investment

Applicants have to invest only after receiving conditional approval for their CBI application.

Simple Application Process

The CBI application process is simple and straightforward, which typically takes around 6 months.

No Physical Residency Requirement

Applicants can apply immediately without any specific physical residency prerequisites.

Dual Citizenship allowed

Applicants are not required to renounce their current citizenship(s). All advantages and privileges of holding citizenships in multiple countries are available.

Investment Options

Grenadian citizenship by investment can be acquired either through a non-refundable contribution of at least US$ 150,000, or by making an investment in a government-approved real estate project, with prices starting at $220,000. The real estate investment must be retained for at least 5 years after being granted citizenship.

National Transformation Fund (NTF)

Main Applicant USD 150,000
Family of 4 including main applicant with spouse and dependents USD 200,000
Any additional dependents USD 25,000

Real Estate

To qualify for Citizenship of Grenada by approved Real estate project an applicant must invest a minimum value of US$ 350,000 or US$ 220,000 if applied under Section 11 and invested in a share of the unit

Up to family of 4 including main applicant with spouse and dependents up to the age of 30 USD 50,000
Any additional dependent USD 25,000
Real Estate option is sellable after 3 years.

Applicable Fees

The following fees are applicable to both investment options of the CBI program:

Due diligence for all applicant aged 17 and above USD 5,000
Application fee per applicant USD 1,500
Processing fee per person aged 18 and over USD 1,500
Processing fee per person below 18 USD 500
Oath of allegiance fee per person aged 18 and over USD 20
Passport application fee per applicant USD 250
Permanent residence card per applicant USD 1,000

Application Process

Bayat Legal Services’ compliance team will conduct an internal due diligence check, which entails a background security screening of the applicant, Preparation of KYC (Know Your Client) and a qualification assessment.
Preparation of the tailored list of documents. The client signs a retainer agreement with Bayat Group. Gathering documents required for the application.
Applicants need to meet the eligibility criteria, including financial requirements and a clean background. After gathering all of required original documents and sending them to Bayat Group team, our citizenship experts will assess the file and make it ready for submission to the Grenada CBI Committee. The committee will review the application and conduct due diligence checks. All successful applicants need to take a written Oath of Allegiance
After the application has been processed and a decision has been reached, the applicant will receive a letter informing them of the outcome. If the application is approved, applicants will be required to proceed with making the qualified investment, covering the associated fees for the investment option.
The CBI Committee issues the Certificate of Registration (COR), arranges for the issuance of the passports and the Permanent Resident (PR) Card. Bayat Group will proceed to apply for the passport on clients’ behalf.
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