Visit Caribbean’s two oldest colonial territories and know more about their histories and archaeologies.


St. Kitts & Nevis with a size of 261 Km. and with the population of approximately 55 thousand people is the smallest country in western hemisphere. The country with its capital and the largest city Basseterre is located between the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. The official language of St. Kitts & Nevis is English as the country is a part of British Commonwealth realm. St. Kitts & Nevis were one of the first Caribbean countries, which were settled by European population. It was a home for the French and British colonies in the Caribbean.

Make a trip to The Sugar City known for its sugarcane islands and enjoy the warm tropical weather throughout the year

Saint Kitts and Nevis also known as the Federation of Saint Christopher and Nevis. The Citizenship- by-Investment program was established in 1984 under the regulation of the 1984 Citizenship Act, Section 3 (5), makes it the longest established Citizenship-by-Investment in the world. This program was established to attract foreign investors and their families.

Holding SKN citizenship also gives expansion on your business opportunities without being taxed on worldwide income. It’s citizenship for life, inheritance up to 2 nd generation; the biometric passport is valid for 10 years with the right to renew, citizens are enjoying visa free travel to more than 140 countries (Including European Union, Caribbean, Hong Kong, Russia and India).

Applicants and their dependents who have in the past been denied a visa to countries which SKN has visa free access may not apply to this program, unless they obtain a visa beforehand. One of the biggest benefits of St. Kitts & Nevis citizenship is that dual citizenship is allowed and there is no wealth, inheritance, gift or income tax payment obligation.

Not visit require, previous business experience is not mandatory, or even minimum language requirement. The application process may take as little as 90 days, however some circumstances might cause a delay.

The Citizenship-by-Investment program has very unique option called 60 DAY ACCELERATED PROCESS (AAP) this option is approved by the Government of St. Kitts and Nevis in October 2016 allows applications with the Citizenship by Investment Program process to be accelerated to be between 45 to 60 day processing period with additional government fees. Applicants from certain nationalities are not eligible to apply for this option.

  • The applicant can apply without actually visiting the country
  • Irrevocable citizenship
  • No wealth or income tax
  • No restriction on dual citizenship
  • Safe country for the investor and for the his/her family
  • No mandatory residency in the country
  • Visa free to EU Schengen countries, including UK, Ireland and Russia
  • No need for previous business experience
  • No mandatory language tests
  • Approximately 6 months processing time
The Sustainable Growth Fund (SGF) DONATION:
The cost of citizenship for a family of four is now USD 195,000 from USD 350,000.
Single applicant: Contribution US$150,000
Due Diligence Fee:US$7,500
Forms Fees:US$250
Main Applicant + Spouse Contribution US$175,000 
 Due Diligence Fee:US$7,500 for the Main Applicant plus US$4,000 for the spouse
 Forms Fees:US$ 250 per applicant
Main applicant, Spouse, and up to two dependent Contribution For family up to four applicants US$195,000
For any additional qualifying dependent US$ 10,000
Due Diligence FeeUS$7,500 for the Main Applicant & US$4,000 for any Family Member aged 16 or over
Forms Fees:US$ 250 per applicant
Passport Fees:US$ 1,000 per applicant
Sugar industry Diversification Foundation (SIDF)
Single applicant Contribution US$250,000
Due Diligence Fee:US$7,500 for the main applicant
The Sustainable Growth Fund Option (SGF) REAL ESTATE

Applicants may qualify for citizenship through an investment in a pre-approved real estate project, which may include hotel shares, villas, and condominium units. The minimum real estate investment required by law is US$200,000 (resalable after 7 years) or US$400,000 (resalable after 5 years) for each main applicant; however, other government fees such as due diligence and application forms are applicab

Contribution for the main applicant: US$35.047
Spouse US$20.047
Any other qualifying dependent US$10.047

Albania [90 days], Andorra [90 days], Anguilla [90 days], Antigua & Barbuda, Argentina [90 days], Armenia [120 days], Aruba [30 days], Austria [90 days], Bangladesh [90 days], Barbados, Belgium [90 days], Belize, Bermuda, Bolivia [90 days], Bonaire [30 days], Bosnia and Herzegovina [90days], Botswana [90 days], Brazil [90 days], British Virgin Islands, Bulgaria [90 days], Cambodia [30 days. Visa is also obtainable online], Cape Verde [Not available at all entry points], Cayman Islands, Chile [90 days], Colombia [180 days], Comoros [45 days], Costa Rica [30 days], Croatia [90 days], Cuba [30 days], Curacao [30 days], Cyprus [90 days], Czech Republic [90 days], Denmark [90 days], Djibouti [Not available at all entry points], Dominica, Dominican Republic [tourist card issued on arrival], Ecuador [90 days], Egypt [30 days], El Salvador [90 days], Estonia [90 days], Faroe Islands [90 days], Fiji [120 days], Finland [90 days], France [90 days], French Guiana [90 days], French Polynesia [90 days], French Southern and Antarctic Lands [90 days], Gambia [90 days], Georgia, Germany [90 days], Gibraltar, Greece [90 days], Greenland [90 days], Grenada, Guadeloupe [90 days], Guatemala [90 days], Guinea-Bissau [90 days], Guyana, Haiti [90 days], Holy See [90 days], Honduras [90 days], Hong Kong [90 days], Hungary [90 days], Iceland [90 days], Indonesia [30 days], Iran [30 days conditions apply], Ireland [90 days], Israel [90 days], Italy [90 days], Jamaica, Jordan [Not available at all entry points], Kenya [90 days], Kiribati [90 days], Kosovo [90 days], Laos [30 days Not available at all entry points], Latvia [90 days], Lebanon, Lesotho [90 days], Liechtenstein [90 days], Lithuania [90 days], Luxemburg [90 days], Macedonia [90 days]Madagascar [90 days], Malawi [90 days], Malaysia [30 days], Maldives [30 days], Malta [90 days], Martinique [90 days], Mauritania [Available at Nouakchott-Oumtounsy International Airport], Mauritius, Micronesia [30 days], Monaco [90days], Montenegro [90 days], Montserrat, Mozambique [30 days], Nepal [90 days. Not available at all entry points], New Caledonia [90 days], Nicaragua [90 days], Niue [30 days], Norway [90 days], Palau [30 days], Panama [180 days], Peru [183 days], Philippines [30 days], Pitcairn Island [14 days], Poland [90 days], Portugal [90 days], Reunion [90 days], Romania [90 days], Russia [90 days], Saba [30 days], Samoa [60 days], San Marino [90 days], Senegal [90 days], Seychelles [90 days], Sierra Leone [90 days], Singapore [30 days], Slovak Republic [90 days], Slovenia [90 days], Solomon Islands [90 days], Somalia [30 days], South Korea [90 days], Spain [90 days], St. Bart’s [90 days], St. Eustatius [30 days], St. Helena [90 days], St. Lucia, St. Maarten [30 days], St. Martin [90 days], St. Pierre and Miquelon [90 days], St. Vincent & Grenadines, Suriname, Sweden [90 days], Switzerland [90 days], Taiwan [Online Visa Application with Free Wavier. Single entry for less than 30 days], Tanzania, The Bahamas [90 days], The Netherlands [90 days], Timor-Leste [30 days. Not available at all entry points], Togo [7 days], Tonga [31 days], Trinidad & Tobago, Tunisia [90 days], Turkey [90 days], Turks & Caicos, Tuvalu [30 days], Uganda [Determined at the port of entry. May apply online], Ukraine [90 days], United Kingdom [6months], Uruguay, Vanuatu [30 days], Vatican City [90 days], Venezuela [90 days], Wallis and Futuna [90 days], Zambia [90 days], Zimbabwe [90 days]

  • EDUCATION: Primary and secondary education level40%
  • HOUSING: Prices of housing and real estate53%
  • Healthcare system development52%
  • COST OF LIVING: How cheap goods and services are112%
  • ENVIRONMENT: Quality of country’s environment62%
  • BUSINESS: Easiness of doing business29%
  • GROWTH RATE: How fast economic is growing65%
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