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The USA is providing foreign investors with the opportunity to obtain an E-2 Investor Visa, granting them the legal right to reside and operate businesses within the country. This visa type is exclusively available to citizens of countries that have entered into special treaties with the USA. Neither job offers nor a sponsoring employer are required, and applications can be submitted to any US consulate.

The application processing duration can range from two weeks to four months, contingent on the consulate. This process incorporates an interview with the applicant and entails Due Diligence checks. Since E-2 visas fall under the category of non-immigrant (temporary intent) visas, they do not directly lead to ‘Green Cards.’ However, E-2 visas with two-year validity can be renewed indefinitely.

E-2 investor visas are granted to entrepreneurs ready to invest in and manage businesses in the US. While there isn’t a specific investment threshold for qualification, US legislation requires the investment to be ‘substantial,’ and applicants must be capable of ‘developing and directing’ the enterprise.

An investment of at least US $200,000-250,000 is recommended to increase the likelihood of application approval. Furthermore, the necessary investment amount can vary depending on the nature of the business.

Starting from 2023, E-2 Investor Visa applicants are required by US authorities to present proof of residing in the E-2 treaty country for a minimum of three (3) years to fulfill the eligibility criteria for the E-2 Visa


  • Investment must be active, classified as a real operating enterprise that provides goods or services on US markets;
  • Applicants must have personal financial stakes in the enterprise and invested funds must be at risk; meaning that merely transferring funds to a US bank will not be satisfactory. Applicants are required to take proactive measures, such as obtaining a lease, procuring business premises, acquiring essential equipment, and purchasing inventory.
  • The investment cannot be marginal or an idle investment, which means that the enterprise should serve a purpose beyond merely supporting applicants and their families;
  • Invested funds must be from legal sources, proof of sources of funds is required;
  • The enterprise must generate profits far more that sustaining needs of applicants and their families;
  • Applicants must own at least fifty (50) percent of the enterprise and have operational control through a managerial position;
  • Applicants must have a clean criminal record and be in good health.


Residency in USA

Opportunity to live and run business anywhere in the USA. Travel free in and out the USA and access visa-free Canada and Mexico.

High Living Standards

The USA boasts high living standards, ensuring access to premium healthcare and educational institutions, collectively contributing to a high-quality lifestyle.

Business Opportunities

The USA is the biggest economy in the world with vast opportunities for businesses to expand and reach new markets.

Family Inclusion

The main applicant for the E-2 Investor visa, can include family members, including spouse and unmarried children up to 21 years of age, in the application.

Unlimited Renewals

The E-2 visas have the validity period of two (2) years and can be renewed indefinitely, providing that the business remains operational.

Easy Application Process

E-2 Investor visa applicants are not required to pass any language test, or have educational or managerial experience.

Investment Options

Investment can be made either in the existing enterprise or a new one on the soil of the USA. Purchasing of franchise is also allowed.
There is no investment threshold in order to qualify. Investment must be ‘substantial’ and generally, USD 100,000 are considered as such.
Investment must be sufficient to ensure the successful operation of the enterprise.

Applicable Fees

All remaining fees are unchanged. Therefore, the following fees continue to apply under both arms of the Programme:

Due diligence for all applicant aged 17 and above USD 5,000
Application fee per applicant USD 1,500
Processing fee per person aged 18 and over USD 1,500
Processing fee per person below 18 USD 500
Oath of allegiance fee per person aged 18 and over USD 20
Passport application fee per applicant USD 250
Permanent residence card per applicant USD 1,000

Application Process

Bayat Legal Services compliance team will conduct an internal due diligence check on the client, which may include a background security check, KYC (Know Your Customer) check, and qualification assessment.
Bayat Legal Services will study the client's application, and the client will sign a retainer agreement with the agency. Bayat Legal Services will also prepare a tailor-made list of documents required for the application and assist with application preparation.
The application will be submitted to the relevant government agency, where it will undergo a thorough review process, including due diligence checks. Bayat Legal Services will keep the client informed throughout this process.
If the client's application is approved, the government agency will issue a comfort letter. The client will then be required to pay the contribution amount outlined in the investment program. Upon receipt of payment, the client will receive the final decision.
After the final decision has been made, Bayat Legal Services will assist the client in obtaining their naturalization certificate and passport, granting them citizenship of the country they have invested in.
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