Portugal is a country in southwestern Europe, bordered by Spain and Atlantic Ocean. The 92.212 Km2 country has approximately 10.3 Million people and is an EU member state since 1st January 1986. Portugal with fantastic cultural heritage, food and climate is one of the most popular destinations for the tourism.

Visa-free travel to
175+ countries

Dual citizenship

7 days

Investment start from
€ 350,000





  • Opportunity to live, study and work in portugal.
  • Amazing culture and history.
  • Eligibility to include dependent children and parents.
  • Business friendly atmosphere.
  • Full family residency.
  • Visa free travel in EU and Schengen Area.
  • Opportunity to apply for permanent residence permit or citizenship after 5 years.
  • Full access to healthcare and education.
  • No mandatory requirement to reside
    in the country.
  • Very low minimum stay requirements.

Portugal Golden Visa program is one of the very famous golden visa programs in Europe, it was launched in 2012. Only 7 days every year required to maintain the residence, Dependent children can be included no matter about their ages as long as they are still studying.

Once you get their residency, you can get full access to their quality educational and improved healthcare facilities.

This program is fast track tool for the investors to get the fully valid residency in Portugal. The program is very open and welcoming to people from all over the world without any limitation to the nationality, religion or culture. The only requirement is that the investor has to be more than 18 years old and must not have a criminal record with a sentence more than 1 year.

Portugal’s passport is ranked in the top 10 strongest passports. Allowing visa free to over 170 countries. Also as a citizen you have the right to work, study and reside in any country In the European Union.

Investment Options

There are several ways to obtain residence permit in Portugal (the investment has to be maintained at least 5 years):

The investor has to buy a real property worth or more 500,000 Euro
Or, buy a real property more than 30 years old in refurbishing area, worth or more 350,000 Euro
The investor has to make a capital investment in research activity, public or private equities 350,000 Euro
OR, make a capital investment in reconstruction or refurbishment of national heritage projects 250,000 Euro
Business Create minimum 10 jobs.

Application Process

Month 1

Understand the program, sign the retainer agreement and prepare the application.

Month 2 - 3

Bayat group will assist with choosing the best investment fits you. Real Estate agents in Portugal will assist the applicant with the purchase of property. Applicant will open a bank account and proceed with the Biometrics.

Month 3 - 6

Upon Due Diligence approval, Transfer of the funds for the property will be transferred. As application approved the residence card will be issued.