Spain’s passport is ranked as the 3rd strongest passport in the world. It allows visa-free access to over 175 countries. Spanish passport holders have the right to study, work and live in any country in the European Union.

Visa-free travel to
175+ countries

Dual citizenship

Physical stay
not required

Investment start from
€ 500,000



Non-EU nationals can acquire a residence permit in Spain, through the ‘Golden Visa’ program. The application process is very straightforward, lasting around 2 months. Investor applicants must be at least 18 years old, have no criminal record and hold a medical insurance. They also should not be refused entry in any country, which has a visa-waiver agreement with Spain. Investor can include family members in the ‘golden visa’ application.

The initial residence permit will be valid for one year and can be renewed two times with 2 years validity period. For the renewals, the amount of the investment should be retained. After 5 years ‘Golden Visa’ holders are entitled to apply for permanent resident status and in 10 years for citizenship through naturalization.

In order to qualify for the Spanish ‘Golden Visa’ program, investment should be made either in a real estate with worth of at least EUR 500,000, or make bank deposits or buy the government bonds, though with doubled thresholds. The real estate can be rented out. Investment should be maintained for at least 5 years.


  • Visa-free access to the EU Schengen Area and right to settle and have a business in Spain.
  • No mandatory stay requirement for renewing the visa.
  • No need to become a tax resident in Spain.
  • Access to premium healthcare and education.
  • Straightforward and quick application process.
  • Low government fees.
  • Permanent residency in 5 and citizenship in 10 years (actual residing in Spain for more than 6 months per year is required).

Investment Options

Real Estate

Purchase a property with minimum value of 500,000 Euro.

Application Process

Step 1

Bayat legal Services’ compliance team will conduct an internal due diligence, within 48 hours we will have a response.

Step 2

The lawyers implement the purchase of the property. The investment documentation is assembled and successfully obtaining the residency visa. Bayat group will prepare all and finalize all documentation for the Residency Application. Once completed the file is submitted to the Government,

Step 3

Once the Government has assessed the file, officials advise their final decision on granting residency