Insights On The Investment Migration Market

An alternative residency or citizenship has become a powerful tool to diversify and secure wealth; to reach a peace of mind regarding the future of your family and to enhance international mobility by getting the right of visa-free travel to various destinations. Internationalizing and developing a business, along with tax optimization perspectives also sustain motives behind the demand on the investment migration market.

Second Passport: It’s Not As Difficult As You Think

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed our everyday life. Travel restrictions and global lockdowns compelled many high-net-worth individuals to re-evaluate priorities and means to accomplish them. Turbulent social, economic, or political times force wealthy people to think again about those opportunities, which a second passport or a ‘golden visa’ creates. 

Transparency Of The Citizenship By Investment Programs

The number of Citizenship by Investment (CBI) applications is increasing permanently, as investors’ trust in CBI programs is preserved due to the transparency and straightforwardness of the whole application process. Plus, successful and wealthy people from all around the world have always been facing objectives of free international travel, creation of some kind of ‘back up plan’ for the whole family against possible risks, access to better health care or education and these, on their turn, fuels the demand on alternative residency and citizenship by investment (RCBI) programs.

Why Do People Need A Second Passport, Obtained Through CBI Program?

Attaining alternative citizenship and, therefore, a second passport is becoming more and more alluring, especially in times of crisis. This will help you drastically to enhance your international mobility, as the second passport opens the door of visa-free travel, diversifies your wealth portfolio, creates business opportunities, and gives you an insurance policy against possible socio-economic or political turbulences. A second passport will save your time, can help to improve your lifestyle, gain more freedom and conceive new opportunities.

The World Without Tax Havens?

The first decade of October 2021 witnessed that the international tax system is going to be reformed. The world is discussing to impose a universal global minimum corporate tax, while in Europe, lawmakers are pushing for tougher policy against tax havens and wealthy people who are using offshore jurisdictions to hide illicit assets.

Overview Of Antigua And Barbuda’s Citizenship By Investment Program

The Caribbean nation of Antigua and Barbuda has been granting citizenship to foreign investors, complying with a certain criterion, since 2013. Its citizenship by investment program significantly differs from other similar Caribbean programs, as it envisages multiple investment options to qualify and, unlike others, requires physically residing in the country for at least five days in the first five years starting from obtaining citizenship.