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The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan offers foreigners a chance to obtain the Jordanian citizenship in exchange of investment through the Citizenship by Investment program. The Jordanian authorities warmly welcome affluent foreign individuals interested in making substantial eligible investments in the country. Through the CBI program, individuals and their immediate family members can attain Jordanian citizenship within a swift three-month timeframe.

The following investment avenues are available in Jordan CBI program:

  • Deposit in a Jordanian bank or buying treasury bonds
  • Investment in a company
  • Investment project

The bank deposit option requires the investor to hold the investment for at least six (6) years, while investment in a company shares has the mandatory holding period of three (3) years. Along with making the qualified investment, Investors are required to create at least ten (10) or twenty (20) jobs in Jordan, if they opt for investment project category.

Family Inclusion

Along with the main applicant Jordanian citizenship can be granted to the family members of the investor, including the main applicant’s spouse, unmarried, widowed or divorced under the age of 18 years, and dependent parents.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for the Jordan citizenship by investment program, main applicants needs to be at least 18 years old, with a clean criminal record and be in good health. They must also have the financial means to make the required investment.


Visa-free travel

Jordanian citizens enjoy visa-free, visa on arrival, or e-Visa access to over 50 countries and territories, including Turkiye, India, South Africa, etc.

Dual Nationality Allowed

Jordan permit dual citizenship, thus there is no need to renounce the current citizenship(s).

E-2 Visa Opportunity

Since Jordan has a treaty on commerce and navigation with the USA, Jordanian nationals are eligible to apply for the E-2 Investor Visa in the USA.

Strategic Location

Jordan, at the crossroads of Africa, Middle East and Europe, offers easy reach to the promising markets and economies.

High Living standards

Jordan offers high living standards, including access to well-established healthcare and educational facilities, at relatively low costs.

Legally Ensured

Since 2018, the Jordan CBI program is operational in compliance with the Jordanian legislation and benefits from government guarantees.

Investment Options

Foreigners making one of the following qualified investments turn eligible to apply for Jordan citizenship by investment program:

Bank deposit or purchase of Treasury Bonds at least USD 1 million
Funds must be transferred to the Bank of Jordan.
The minimum holding period for the bank deposit option is three (3) years.
The minimum holding period for the treasury bonds option is six (6) years.
Accrued interest is not guaranteed and defined by the Bank of Jordan.
Investment in a company at least USD 1,5 million
Purchase of shares or units in Jordanian enterprises.
The minimum holding period of investment is three (3) years.
Under supervision of the Companies Control Department or the Jordan Securities Commission.
Investment project at least USD 750,000 (outside capital city Amman)
At least USD 1 million (within Amman governorate)
The project, designed as a small or medium enterprise, must create a minimum of 20 jobs, if the investment is made within the Amman governorate, or at least 10 jobs for governorates outside Amman.

Applicable Fees

Application fee USD 10,000 per applicant
Due diligence fee USD 5,000 per applicant
Passport fee USD 70

Application Process

Bayat Legal Services' compliance team will conduct an internal due diligence check, including a background security screening of the applicant, preparation of KYC (Know Your Client), and a qualification assessment. This process is designed to minimize the risk of application denial.
Preparation of the tailored list of documents. The client signs a retainer agreement with Bayat Group. Gathering documents required for the application, including translation, certified copies and the required government forms.
Applicants need to start the qualified investment and meet the eligibility criteria. Bayat Group team prepares the CBI application for submission.
Bayat Group's experts will aid in acquiring a residence permit in Egypt, followed by the submission of the investor's citizenship application. Authorities conduct a Due Diligence process that typically spans 2 to 3 months. Specialists review investors' documentation and verify details about them and their families through international databases. The Due Diligence reports is crucial, as the outcomes of the assessment determine the applicants' eligibility for citizenship. Applicants must also attend an interview with the Jordanian immigration authorities.
Upon the application's approval, the investor and dependents are issued passports. If the investor desires an ID card, the submission of biometrics date is a prerequisite. The whole application processing time can last up to six (6) months.
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