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United KingdomExpansion Worker Visa Program



A UK Expansion Worker Visa Program allows foreigners to come to the UK to set up a branch of an overseas business that has not started trading in the UK yet. Applicants must already work for the overseas business as either a senior manager or specialist employee. This type of visas has validity of 12 months and can be extended with the same time just once.

Expansion Worker Visas cannot lead to permanent residency or ILR in UK. For that purpose, changing visa is required.


To be eligible for a UK Expansion Worker visa, applicants need to have a valid certificate of sponsorship from the UK employer and do a job that’s on the list of eligible occupations for at least 12 months unless they are earning over £73,900 annually. They also have to meet minimum salary requirement: £45,800 per year, or the ‘going rate’ for the job role.

Applicants should begin the process up to 3 months before their intended work start date, as specified on their certificate of sponsorship. They need to prove their identities and submit required documents. Applications are submitted online and visa decisions are typically received within 3 weeks if applying from outside the UK or 8 weeks if applying within the UK. For faster decisions, options are available depending on the applicant’s location.


Residency in the UK

The Expansion Worker Visa (Global Business Mobility) holders have right legally to reside & work in the UK for up to 1 year that can be extended for another year just once.

Health & Education

Access to premium healthcare and education services after obtaining UK residency.

Family Inclusion

Main applicants for the Expansion Worker Visa (Global Business Mobility) can include spouse and children in the application and attain the UK residency for the whole family.

Business Opportunities

Access to the solid banking system and financial services, along with markets for business expansion throughout Europe.

Permanent Residency

Expansion Worker Visa (Global Business Mobility) cannot directly lead to permanent residency, or ILR in the UK. Before applying for ILR it’s necessary to change the visa status and meet the set requirements.

Pathway to UK Citizenship

Once an individual has maintained Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) status for a duration of at least one (1) year and satisfied the residency prerequisites (having lived in the UK over the past five (5) years), they become eligible to apply for UK citizenship.

Costs for the UK Expansion Worker (Global Business Mobility) Visas

Application Fee £259
Annual healthcare surcharge £624
Accessible funds At least £ 1,270, plus £285 for the spouse, £315 for one child, and £200 for each additional child

Application Process

Bayat Legal Services’ compliance team will conduct an internal due diligence check, which entails a background security screening of the applicant, Preparation of KYC (Know Your Client) and a qualification assessment.
Applicants for Expansion Worker Visas (Global Business Mobility) should be working for the authorized UK employer and have an eligible job. After successful qualification assessment, Bayat Group will sign a retainer agreement with the client and its experts will curate the process of getting ‘certificate of sponsorship’ from the UK employer.
Applications for Expansion Worker Visa (Global Business Mobility), with all supporting documentations, can be submitted online. However, applicants need to prove their identities by providing biometrics in a Visa Application Center.
Processing time for the Expansion Worker Visa (Global Business Mobility) application can last up to 8 weeks from the submission. The employer should apply for a ‘certificate of sponsorship, which will be the ground for a residence permit issuance.
Expansion Worker Visa (Global Business Mobility) have a validity period of one (1) year and can be renewed just once for another year. Expansion Worker (Global Business Mobility) Visas cannot lead to the permanent residence status (ILR) in the UK.
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