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PanamaQualified Investor Visa - Residency By Investment



Panama’s Qualified Investor Visa, incepted in October, 2020, allows foreign investors to obtain a permanent residence status, so-called Golden Visas in Panama through qualified investments. There are three investment avenues, each has the fixed investment threshold, with very short and straightforward application process:

  • Investment in a real estate
  • Fund investments
  • Deposit in a Panama bank

Investment must be held for at least five (5) years.

Family Inclusion

Main applicants for Panama’s Residency by Investment program can include family members in the residency application, including a spouse, children under 18, children up to 25 years of age if they are single, financially dependent, or students, and parents without age restrictions.

Residency Requirements

Panama Golden Visa holders are required to visit the country at least once every two (2) years to maintain their residency status.

Residence Permit Validity

The obtained residence permit through the ‘Golden Visa’ program provides foreign investors with the right to live, work and study in Panama and offers a clear path to citizenship. Initially, approved within a time span of about 30 days, applicants receive a residence permit valid for two (2) year, which can be renewed for another five (5) years through the National Immigration Service. Panamanian citizenship can be attained after five (5) years of continues legal residence by investing in Panama.


Secure & Strategic Location

Bridging oceans and continents, Panama offers safety and stability, along with numerous business opportunities.

Affluent Lifestyle

Panama boasts high standards of living at relatively lower costs, encompassed with secure environment and warm climate.

Tax Advantages

Panama provides substantial tax incentives and exemptions that are instrumental in optimizing taxes, with no levies on offshore income, inheritance, or capital gains.

Business Expansion

Residency in Panama can be a vital tool to expand a business internationally. Strategic location grants access to striving markets.

Access to Premium Banking

Panama's legislation and banking secrecy regulations result in a high degree of confidentiality when using banking services, supported by a well-developed infrastructure.

Wealth Protection & Diversification

Residency in Panama can serve as a strategic tool for diversifying and safeguarding wealth.

Investment Options

The Panama ‘Golden Visa’ or Qualified Investor Visa program offers the following investment options:
A real estate investment USD 300,000*
* the limited time offer available until October, 2024. Afterwards the investment threshold might be returned to USD 500,000
A fund investment through a brokerage firm USD 500,000
Deposit in the banking sector in Panama USD 750,000

Applicable Fees

Application processing fee USD 5,000
Legal fees USD 2,000-10,000
National Migration Service fee USD 5,000 – Main applicant
USD 1,000 per adult family member
National Treasury deposit USD 5,000 – Main applicant
USD 1,000 per adult family member

Application Process

Bayat Legal Services' compliance team will conduct an internal due diligence check, including a background security screening of the applicant, preparation of KYC (Know Your Client), and a qualification assessment. This process is designed to minimize the risk of application denial.
Preparation of a customized list of documents begins when the client signs a retainer agreement with Bayat Group. This process includes gathering the necessary documents for the application, such as translations, certified copies, and the required government forms, while applicants make decisions on their chosen investments.
Bayat Group will assist to accomplish the investment and curate the application submission. The required documentation for the residency application includes: a passport, police certificate, medical examination certificate, financial statements, birth & marriage certificates (if applicable), etc. Applicants need to attend an interview with the Panamanian immigration authorities.
Successful applicants will be granted a residence permit in Panama. Application process can be accomplished in 30 days. The initial ID cards are valid for two (2) years and but can be renewed for an additional five (5) years. After five years of continuous legal residence in Panama, it is possible to apply for citizenship.
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