Ireland is known for its warm culture, great educational institutes and amazing weather which pulls back people to live in Ireland.

Visa-free travel to
+ countries

Dual citizenship

Physical stay
not required

Investment start from
€ 1M





  • High standard of living.
  • One of the safest countries in the world.
  • High level of education.
  • Warm-hearted people and fantastic culture.
  • No mandatory residency required, the applicant must visit the country for 1 day in 12 months.
  • The dependents of the applicant can use the primary and secondary education for free.
  • Pathway to citizenship after meeting certain criteria.
  • After 3 years the investment can be removed, the immigration/visa permission will be permanent.

Ireland is a country with an area of 84.421 km2 and with a population of 4.6 million people. The country with its legal culture and friendly investment atmosphere is deemed to be one of the best places to do business. The highest level of education, standard of living and safety makes Ireland on of the best destinations for investor and their families to settle in. Throughout those years, Ireland became very adaptive to the new trends of business making and developed a reputation as one of the most open economies in the world.

With their residency, you are given the opportunity to live in another country and all you have to do is visit the place once in 12 months to keep your residency valid.


Investment Options

A Start-up Entrepreneur Programmed (STEP)

Start-up Entrepreneur Programmed (STEP) – this program was established to motivate and boost the creative business plans in Ireland. The applicants of this program can be the company decision makers, like: CEO, CTO, CFO, CIO and etc. According to this program, the first founder must have minimum funds required (50,000 Euro). The subsequent founder should have 30,000. The applicants are obliged to introduce the robust business plan. As soon as the business is established and needs more staff, the applicant is obliged to hire those employees, who has Irish working permit. It is not mandatory that the employee has Irish ethnicity.

The process of examination is very scrupulous and the competent authority will check it independently, evaluating the benefits of the country.

An Immigrant Investor Programmed (IIP)

Immigrant Investor Programmed (IIP) – requires the investor to invest at least 1 million Euro into the low interest Government Bonds (Currently suspended). Successful applicants and their family members (unmarried minor children and spouse) are entitled to obtain Irish residency permit for 5 years. The residency permit is renewed after 2 years. Another alternative is the investor to invest at least 1 million Euros in one or several Irish enterprises. In this case the investment must be sustained at least 3 years. The investment can be done in brand new business, but the mandatory thing is that the investing company must be registered in Ireland. Investing in Real property can be another alternative. In this case investor shall invest at least 450,000 Euro in residential real property and plus 500,000 Euro into the Immigrant investment bond (Currently suspended). 2 Million Investment in real estate investment Funds, can be another alternative. The real estate investment Funds shall be listed in Irish stock exchange. The 500,000 Euro of philanthropic endowment is also considered to be the pre-requirement for applying the residence permit.

The program is eligible for non-EEA nationals and gives them opportunity to enter the country on multiple visa bases. This program is a possibility for the investors and their families to establish a permanent bond with the country. There is no rule for mandatory residency in Ireland. The investor is obliged to arrive in Ireland only once per year. The competent authority will control the application procedure very scrupulously. They will only grant it to the investors who are potentially beneficial for the country and its economy.

  • Applicable Fees

    Processing Fee USD 1,000
    Due diligence for main applicant USD 7,500
    Due diligence for spouse USD 4,000
    Qualifying dependent aged 16 years and above USD 4,000
    Passport Application fee per applicant USD 65
    Certificate of Naturalization fee per applicant USD 250

Application Process

Month 1

Understand the program, sign the retainer agreement and application preparation.

Month 2 - 3

File reviewing, submission, due diligence process and final decision.

Month 3 - 6

Comfort letter issuance, contribution payment, naturalization certificate and passport issuance.