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The United Arab Emirates (UAE) offers an investor visa program that allows foreign nationals to obtain residency by purchasing real estate in the country. Investment can be done either residential or commercial properties and meet certain investment threshold requirements.

The UAE is a federation of seven states, boasting one of the most lucrative economies in the Middle East, supported by highly developed infrastructure, transportation, and communication systems. Renowned for its liberal outlook, the UAE stands out as one of the most inclusive countries in the Gulf region, where diverse cultures and beliefs harmoniously blend.

The real estate market in the UAE, particularly in Dubai (the second-largest emirate), exhibits stability, characterized by consistent property price growth. Consequently, investing in real estate can prove to be a lucrative endeavor, yielding returns through rental income and the enduring potential for recouping investments.

After fulfilling the investment requirements, the investor and their family members become eligible to apply for a residency permit in the UAE. This permit grants them the privileges of residing, working, and studying within the country.


Along with meeting the minimum investment requirement applicants for the UAE ‘Golden Visa’ must be at least eighteen (18) years old, with no criminal record and without any contagious diseases.

Family Inclusion

The UAE residency by investment not only covers the main applicant but also extends to their spouse and dependent children: unmarried sons up to 25 years old, and unmarried daughters of any age

Visa Validity

Typically, the visa is valid for a specific duration, commonly ranging from two to ten years, contingent on the emirate and the particular investment. The visa can be renewed as long as the investment is upheld.

Positioned strategically, the UAE serves as a gateway bridging continents, strengthened by effective governance and a thriving economy. Since 2019, the UAE ‘Golden Visa’ program has been established in accordance with the law and enjoys government guarantees. The country boasts prime real estates, ranging from high-quality apartments to villas and houses crafted by reputable developers. Flexible installment options are also on offer. Real Estate investors in Dubai, UAE can count on high ROI (return on investment), as acquired property can generate a substantial rental income.


High-developed Financial Services

The UAE ‘Golden Visa’ holders are entitled to open bank accounts in the country. It can be done in preferred currency and used for savings and international transfers.

Secure Environment

Safe country, with robust and expanding economy and high living standards.

Healthcare & Education

Access to premium healthcare and education after obtaining UAE residency

Simple Procedure

Attaining residency in the UAE typically takes a few working days. Just one visit to the country is required for a medical examination and to provide biometrics.

Easy Global Reach & Mobility

Holders of the UAE ‘Golden Visa’ easily attain Schengen and other visas. The UAE serves as the important regional hub with easy global access.

Tax Advantages

No tax on income earned abroad, as well as personal income, dividend and inheritance taxes. Starting from 2023 the corporate tax is just 9%, the lowest in the region.

Investment Options

A Real Estate Investment

Two-year validity UAE Residence Permit AED 750,000 (US$ 204,000)
Ten-year validity UAE Golden Visa AED 2 million (US$ 544,000)
The property must meet the minimum value criteria of AED 750,000 for sole ownership or AED 1 million for jointly owned property. Additionally, the option to purchase through interest-free installments is available.
It’s important to note that the property must be acquired within Freehold Zones, specialized areas designated for property ownership. This means that full ownership of the property is guaranteed, including land.
The realty can be completed, off-plan, mortgaged, or unmortgaged.

Applicable Fees

All remaining fees are unchanged. Therefore, the following fees continue to apply under both arms of the Programme:

Due diligence fee for main applicant USD 7,500
Due diligence fee for any dependent above 16 USD 4,000
Application forms per applicant USD 250
Passport fees USD 300

Application Process

Bayat Legal Services’ compliance team will conduct an internal due diligence check, which entails a background security screening of the applicant, Preparation of KYC (Know Your Client) and a qualification assessment. The confidentiality of the verification process is maintained. Certified Anti-Money Laundering Officers, well-versed in the nuances of Due Diligence procedures in the UAE, review the investor's documents.
Bayat Legal Services will meticulously analyze the client's application. Once this is done, the client will proceed to sign a retainer agreement with the firm. Subsequently, Bayat Group will curate a customized list of necessary documents – recognizing that each client's situation is unique – to facilitate the application preparation process.
Investor receives the UAE visitor visa valid for six (6) months, enabling to come at the place for property selection, passing medical check-up and giving biometrics.
The application for the UAE Golden Visa, along with all the necessary documentation, will be submitted to the pertinent UAE authorities.
Authorities conduct a comprehensive due diligence check, which verifies the legality of invested funds, confirms the absence of criminal records, and ensures compliance with legal regulations. Additionally, applicants must not be included in any sanction lists. Typically, the due diligence process takes up to one week as the standard duration, but it could extend to around a month if additional data or documents are required.
While the processing time for the application can vary, once approved, applicants will receive a residency permit allowing them legally reside and hold property in the UAE.
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