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    The Best Reasons To Apply For A Second Citizenship

In recent years, an increasing number of people over the world have been applying for a second citizenship. Why is it exactly becoming widespread across the globe? Well, as a citizenship in a certain country offers a strong national identity based on birth, ethnicity, history, culture, and childhood, the possibility of obtaining another one just by meeting the criteria set by another country’s government surely sounds an easy way to enjoy more opportunities and benefits.

Because of this, the world is now seeing an immense interest in second citizenship. For example, the primary half of 2018 saw an astounding year-on-year surge of South Africans applying for second citizenship, while the number of Brits becoming citizens of another EU country has doubled in 2016. Also, just about 1 of every 5 Swiss inhabitants currently has a double nationality.

These are only a few instances to show that the second citizenship is certainly becoming more popular. With more nations such as the Netherlands, Norway and the Solomon Islands intending to loosen up their double citizenship laws, it’s sure that there’ll be more individuals over the world to apply for a second passport.

Be that as it may, it isn’t the capacity to get a second citizenship alone that has caused this, so read through this blog as we’ll dive into more reasons why more people are joining in the trend.

1. It Allows Visa-Free Travel

This is before having to find a visa centre or embassy to submit fingerprints and a facial image when sending it off, as well as the masses of paperwork in between. Gaining a visa to visit the United Kingdom is even more complex, with further requirements to demonstrate significant financial means, pre-planned travel arrangements, and other exasperating paperwork. However, even if a traveller is going somewhere where it isn’t quite as difficult to get a visa, the process can still be tricky.

If you constantly travel, especially when it comes to business purposes, you’ll know how relentless an errand it is to apply for a visa. Some countries require grave visa application forms. For instance, to visit Russia, you need to secure a Letter of Invitation just so you can begin with the application. This is before finding a visa centre or government office to submit fingerprints and a picture when sending it off, and not to mention the numerous papers to work on.

Obtaining a visa to visit the United Kingdom is considerably even more difficult with further necessities to exhibit critical money related means – pre-arranged travel plans and other paper works. Regardless of whether you are going someplace where it isn’t exactly as hard to process a visa, the procedure can still be dubious.

All passports give everybody a visa-free travel to diverse nations as of now enabling holders to dodge these procedures altogether. A second passport, however, can give people visa-free travel to significantly more nations over this. This is going to open more opportunities and one of the real reasons why many individuals are choosing to obtain a second citizenship.

2. To Avoid Your Country of Origin’s Troublesome Political Conditions

Another motivation behind why individuals apply for second citizenship is the security it can give against political oppression. Regardless of how awful a nation’s political or financial circumstance is, a second passport gives people the privilege to live and work somewhere else, giving travel protection to them and their families. This, as well as the capacity to pass these advantages to their children, is what makes it a good reason to apply for second citizenship.

Additionally, for those living in war-torn nations, a second citizenship is a ticket to escape to security if things get excessively unsafe. This also quickens the resettlement process when they do choose to grab the ideal opportunity for their family to move to a more secure nation.

3. To Make A Long-Term Retirement Plan

If you long for a hassle-free retirement while living out your days on sandy white beaches, then this dream can particularly turn into a reality if you get a second citizenship, and it is possible to get one regardless of your ancestry. You can live in a Caribbean state as a citizen by signing up for a Citizenship by Investment (CBI) program, which empowers people to obtain a second citizenship.

These people should commonly put resources into the nation or add to its economy with the end goal to get citizenship there if they pass all security checks impeccably. Probably the most very much associated nations as far as visa-free travels are St. Kitts and Nevis – whose charges begin at US$150,000 – and the Commonwealth of Dominica, with least ventures of US$100,000. If your second citizenship is granted, then you would be able to begin making retirement plans decisively.

With advantages like visa-free travel, getting away from negative political conditions, and making a long-haul retirement plan, it is nothing unexpected that more people are applying for a second citizenship. So, what are you having doubts for?

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