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    Antigua And Barbuda – Move To The Luxurious Land Of Beaches


Among many citizenship by investment programs, Antigua and Barbuda has grown to be a popular option for the elite class. In fact, you can obtain dual citizenship by just contributing only USD 100,000 for a family of 4, for a limited time to the Antigua and Barbuda government or invest USD 400,000 in a real estate project.

Through this citizenship, you can enjoy multiple benefits including:

  • Travel without an additional visa around 132 countries around the world
  • No restriction on dual citizenship
  • No mandatory language test, interviews or prior business experience
  • Can be processed within 6 months
  • No inheritance, wealth or personal tax
  • Lifetime citizenship for the investor’s children and family

At BAYAT Legal Consultants, we will provide constant guidance and assure to process your documents with absolute precision. You no longer have to take out extra time to apply for the citizenship program. Our professional and expert consultants will take care of all the formalities. Get more information on our services and other citizenship by investment programs by visiting our official website at https://bayatgroup.com.

About Bayat

BAYAT Legal Consultancy is a top company that specialises in providing dual citizenship, residency and other migration programs in the most efficient way. We aim to offer professional business, tax and immigration services in several specialty areas including economic citizenship, corporate immigration, and residency by investment. We believe in providing optimum results rather than settling for acceptable solutions.

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The migration industry is growing tremendously that is designed to attract business developers and flourish the country’s economy. In return, you not only obtain dual citizenship but several benefits that can be enjoyed by you and your family.

Antigua and Barbuda is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, having close to 365 beaches around the district. One of the most stand-out characteristics of moving to this country is its low tax regimes.

You can establish or expand your business in this country as there are no restrictions on the imported capital or any repatriation of profits. Additionally, you do not have to be present in the country to apply for the program or go for any mandatory language test and interview. Within a span of just 6 months, you can enjoy dual citizenship. Get in touch with our experts to get more information and apply for the citizenship by investment program.

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