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    Moldovan Citizenship : Explore The Opportunities

Citizenship-by-investment or Golden Visa program is a concept that has been gaining better momentum among investors. These programs are structured to ensure that the investment is contributed to the overall welfare, economic development, and advancement of the country, while the investor can obtain a dual citizenship opportunity and opt to work or start a business there.

The Republic of Moldova is one of the countries which is offering the global community a chance to be its citizen through investment. An Eastern European country with a population of more than 4 million as of 2018, it is a serene, peaceful and safe haven for its residents.

The country is actively pursuing an EU membership and it’s passport with visa-free travel to Europe, Russia and 122 countries around the world. And the highlight of being a Moldovan citizen is that citizenship is extended to future generations, with no residency or language test required.

Moldova – The Haven Between East and West

Dual citizenship has become an essential necessity rather than a luxury for modern businessmen to allow them to travel easily and extensively. Now that Moldova has become the latest nation to launch the citizenship by investment program since November this year, it is going to be a new and exciting migration option in Europe and a wonderful time for investors to explore the opportunities emerging in the Moldovan market.

The Moldovan Citizenship By Investment (MCBI) offers businessmen a strong foothold in Europe with complete access to commercial hubs in the eastern European region. Moldova is famous for it’s one of a kind wine culture, and a Moldovan citizenship is the key to invest in this booming business.

In exchange for the investment, the individuals and their families are granted full citizenship rights, easily transferable to future generations. The Moldovan citizens are also offered visa-free or visa-on-arrival access to 122 destinations around the world, including all of Europe’s Schengen Areas as well as Russia and Turkey.

Without a doubt, one of the country’s greatest strength is its geographical position between the East and the West, with proximity to EU and CIS and black sea markets. The other notable strengths of Moldova are-

EU association with DCFTA and Trade agreement since 2014

Low labor costs and operational costs

Low tax rates

Investment incentives for free zones

The many opportunities awaiting the new citizens of Moldova include free economic zone and direct investment, a very diversified energy market to invest in, modern agricultural means with a highlight on grape cultivation and easy cross-border activities with Romania. Learn more about Moldova Citizenship By Investment today.

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