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    Travel Freedom Awaits You With St. Lucia’s CBI Program

Obtaining a citizenship by investment (CBI) program offers you limitless global opportunities. If you wish to begin your quest on expanding your business globally, then you must consider St. Lucia as your first stop.

Nestor Alfred, the Chief Executive Officer of the St. Lucia Citizenship by Investment Unit, states that “St. Lucia is one of the most promising destinations for people who want to identify themselves with a second home”. He also mentioned that the main objective of St. Lucia’s CIB program is to attract “reputable” clientele across the globe and to further develop the Caribbean island on modern lines.

As of writing, St. Lucia has a visa-free entry protocol with around 146 countries. This is just one of the benefits that await you when you become a citizen.

Furthermore, the government is looking for more options to diversify the citizenship portfolio. One of the goals of the St. Lucia’s CIB program is to attract foreign direct investments (FDI), and therefore targets the tourism industry which is its biggest revenue source.

One of the main reasons why entrepreneurs obtain a second citizenship is to exercise freedom of mobility, which will do good for their business as well.

Issuance of citizenship lies with the CIP Board of Directors to ensure that there are no favours given, as all the applicants must undergo a strict evaluation process.

Especially for those who work in the UAE, business owners should view the second citizenship as an expansion tool. According to Alfred, many of the applicants are from the UAE, the MENA region, and China.

Outlining the indispensability of St. Lucia, Alfred said it has a stable government and has been free from the uprising and other fissures. The crime rate is the lowest in the region, and it has a vibrant services sector. Its domestic financial sector is quite dynamic and consists of international banks, offshore financial companies and provides a perfect environment for optimisation.

St. Lucia has a steady government and has been free from violent uproars. Additionally, it boasts the lowest crime rate in the area. Its domestic financial sector consists of international banks which offshore companies may enjoy an economic boost.

St. Lucia’s CIB program focuses on generating investment by promoting economic development and encouraging people to make St. Lucia their second home. The CIB’s CEO guarantee that the program does not discriminate by nationality and region and would more than be willing in accommodating applicants from any part of the world.

The Citizenship by investment offered by St. Lucia aims to collaborate with different countries around the world and build it as a haven for international investments. As claimed by Alfred, “Our investment programme is credible, enjoys the highest integrity and is secure enough.”

With so many benefits to enjoy from and the freedom of mobility that await you from obtaining their CIB program, St. Lucia surely deserves to be one of your top choices for a second citizenship.

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