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    Access A World of Fast Investments with Maltese Citizenship

The world is seeing the rise of Citizenship by investment programs as the most efficient way to get a citizenship in a country. Among these programs, Malta offers an exclusive program, which is the most direct way of living in greater safety and security as well as enjoying greater travel mobility.

Today, most especially for entrepreneurs, global mobility means success as it enables you to effortlessly travel across borders which means it becomes your ultimate competitive advantage. Particularly in Dubai, Citizenship by Investment is sought-after as a second passport can serve as the gateway to a world of fast investments.

Increased Safety, Security, And Opportunity

Obtaining multiple passports make citizens less vulnerable to their country of origin’s shortcomings. As such, an alternative citizenship is deemed as essential to any family’s insurance policy today. If the family can access more jurisdictions, then their assets get diversified, and most especially, the lower their exposure to global risks.

Citizenship by investment programs simplifies the contact between individuals and governments, allowing qualified applicants to become legal citizens in a country. In return, the new citizens should be able to provide a significant economic contribution.

Most of the countries with the programs are known for its security and the access to the world’s top business and lifestyle centres. For instance, Europe is one of the most attractive destinations as EU passports are steadily classified as the most powerful in the world. Within the EU, citizens get to access excellent educational and medical facilities, with the safety under the protection of EU law.

The Benchmark for Malta’s Citizenship by Investment

Malta’s Citizenship by Investment programs is the first citizenship program that has been endorsed by the European Commission.

To apply for the program, the individual must contribute a substantial investment in the Maltese economy. In exchange for this, the applicants and their families are granted full citizenship rights in the country. The program’s application process is highly efficient and is strict in terms of diligence standards.

For a single applicant, the minimum contribution is approximately EUR 1 million, which involves a donation of EUR 650,000 to Malta’s development fund; a real estate purchase with a minimum value of EUR 350,000 or a real estate rental with an annual value of at least EUR 16,000; and a EUR 150,000 investment in government-approved financial instruments.

The issuance of a certificate of naturalization takes between six months and two years from the date of the submission.

Magnificent Malta

Malta’s location makes it a thriving European financial hub as it is at the intersection of North Africa, the Middle East, and Southern Europe. Since joining the EU in 2004, Malta has seen a massive economic growth.

The country is also known as an “open-air museum” as it has a history that dates to 5,000 BC, and the island’s skyline is surrounded by 16th-century architecture. Malta is home to three UNESCO World Heritage sites, including its capital Valletta, which wears the illustrious crown of ‘European Capital of Culture’ for 2018.

Citizens can also benefit from economic opportunity, peace, and stability. Malta has a high standard of living, but the cost is generally lower as compared to other EU countries. Malta is also near to top business destinations: a short three-hour flight will take you to London, while you can get to the business hub of Dubai in five hours.

Additionally, Malta’s property prices boosting faster than anywhere in the world. This is because people find Malta attractive with its influential financial institutions, blockchain businesses, and reinsurance companies, which investors would benefit from favourable tax and regulatory environment.

With Malta’s citizenship by investment program, citizens are free to live, study, and set up a business anywhere in the EU. The opportunities with Maltese citizenship are limitless, and it can surely be passed onto future generations.

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